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As for the trespasser I would call the police the next time I saw them there and have them escorted off my property and asked not to come back. Record the license number of their vehicle or if it is a neighbor give that information to the police also. The cat can be trapped using a Havaheart trap. They are on loan from many animal control organizations around the country and are simple to use.

2009-07-19 09:09:57
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If someone quitclaimed their property to their wife can they sell the property without her permission in Colorado?

If someone quitclaimed their property to their wife then that someone is no longer the owner. They cannot sell the property with or without their wife's consent because they don't own it. She can sell the property by executing a deed to the buyer.

Can someone grow cannabis on your property without your consent?

Of course not. If you know someone has planted marijuana on your property you must report it to the police or you will be charged.

What do you do about someone who is ignoring you but is complaining about you still they say they are over you via personal message but they still go on and on about you and without confronting them?

Just text them and say what you think

Is it legal to videotape someone on private property in California without permission?


Can someone transfer a deed without your consent?

Someone cannot transfer your rights in a piece of property without your consent. They can, however, transfer their own rights without consulting with you.

What if somebody came on your property while you were not here but they were invited by someone else?

Come back and blow their brains out. If the "someone" does not own the property, they don't have the right to invite someone without your consent.

Can someone screw something on your fence without your permmission?

As long as the fence is on your property, no.

What do you call someone that goes on property without permission?

A tresspasser; the act of tresspasing

What do you do when someone enters your property and gets attacked by your dog?

has entered with permission or without permission ?

Can someone confiscate your property if you dont occupy it?

not without rightful compensation, as said in the constitution

Can someone put a lien on your property without a contract and incomplete work?

Yes they can unforunately...

Can someone put property in your name without your knowledge?

They can but it could be fraud and deception if you did not know about it.

Why is grafiti a crime?

In most cases you are defiling the property of someone else without their consent.

Can a person sell a property without probating a will in philadelphia?

Not legally. In order to sell real property, someone has to have the authority to do so. Without a letter from the probate court, such a transfer would not be legal.

Are you safe from creditors if you buy the assets of someone in bankruptcy without knowing they are bankrupt?

No, you are not. When someone files bankruptcy the title to their property is held by the trustee in bankruptcy. The bankrupt cannot sell any property therefore, if they do, the title is not clear. You may lose the property to the creditors if someone tracks it down. You would then be out of the property and any money you paid for it.

Can the police search your house and property for someone who doesnt live with you?

The police can only search your house and property with a search warrant or with your permission. Contrary to the belief of most people, the police have no right to search your property for someone who does or doesn't live with you without a warrant.

Can trees on your property be trimmed by anyone without your consent?

Yes, but only if the tree is (or branches) is sticking onto someone else's property. They are allowed to cut trim those branches on their property.

Can your neighbor fix his gate to your house without permission?

His gate-yes. Just as you can trim tree branches extending over your property without permission even if the tree is planted on someone else's property.

How do you let someone know you care for them without confronting them?

you have to confront them. notes are so impersonal ******************************************* aside from what the previous person said, i think when you care about someone, you can simply express it through actions/ everyday little kindness can touch them :) you will know when someone puts you in his/her heart, you'll feel it <3

Can someone remove a car from private property without asking owner to remove it himself not a repossession company?

The owner of the property where the vehicle is located can remove it/ have it removed, in most cases without the necessity of notifying the owner of the vehicle.

What happens if you own half of property with someone in jail?

That person does not lose their property ownership rights. Noting can be disposed of without their legal okay, no different than if they were not in jail.

Can a police officer coerce someone onto school property to arrest them without a warrant?

It does not seem reasonable or possible.

What happens if you do not have a license and wreck someone else's car?

You will be charged with property damage and driving without a license and most likely driving without insurance. Not good.

What is the longest you can go without a period while breast-feeding?

Some people can go for up to a year without a period while they are breastfeeding.

How can get personal belongings back if it is on someone property with no tresspassing?

If a person is not willing to let you get your own property you should try taking a police officer with you. If they still will not give you your property, you will have to take them to court because you can be charged with trespassing if you enter their property without their permission.