How do you stop stuttering?

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The Stuttering Foundation has a list of speech therapists who

are trained to work with those who stutter. Many of them are

experts in their field because they also used to stutter. Check

"referrals" at their web site.

I have several uncles and cousins who used to stutter. They all

got help from The Stuttering Foundation of America and used their

book "Self Therapy for the Stutterer" to overcome their stuttering.

They only had instances of it recurring in times of extreme stress.

One uncle also went to a speech therapist who specialized it

treating stuttering while he was working through the book.

ASHA - the American Speech and Hearing Association can give you

referrals, too. They can also let you know what stuttering programs

are valid before you put your money into anything.

Your best bet is a resource like the Stuttering Foundation where

you get free help. Books and videos are online, and there is a list

of public libraries that shelve books and DVDs for you to check out

free. If your library doesn't have them, all the library needs to

do is contact the Foundation and they'll get them free of


The Foundation has come a long way since it helped my uncles. I

have followed it for over 50 years.

"How_To_Stop_Stammering_While_Speaking:" id=

"How_To_Stop_Stammering_While_Speaking:">How To Stop Stammering

While Speaking:

  • In the privacy of your home, pick up a book and start singing

    as you read it. You'll notice just like the Beatles or anyone with

    an accent that it doesn't come through when you sing and the same

    happens with people that stutter. Try it and practice it and you'll

    be very surprised at how well it works.

  • Do some tongue twisters and improve your vocabulary daily.

    There are many free sites offering tongue twisters and vocabulary

    help. There is a lot to improve.... So get busy!

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