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How do you stop the Over Drive Light from flashing at all times in a 91 Lexus ES 250?

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dude flashing o/d means problems to your trans check it out

No it doesnt. I own a 90 es250 and the o/d flashes when the car is in o/d. There is a small button on the back of the shifter where you can turn it on and off. You might want to look for this button elsewhere if it is not on your shifter.

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What can you do if your 2003 Chevy Trailblazer is running rough and sputtering and gives you a flashing service engine soon light when accelerating and a steady light coasting?

The FLASHING light indicates a do not drive situation. This is usually indicative of a misfire. The code will show up and tell you with the use of a code reader. The code will tell you which plug. Most times it is a bad plug or coil pack. The rich condition created by the misfire will melt your catalytic converter if you continue to drive the vehicle. This is why the light flashes. For more information visit the Related Link.

My 95 geo metro check engine light flashes 5 times pauses then flashes again what does this mean?

The 1995 Chevrolet Geo flashing amber engine light is an indication that the engine needs to be checked soon. A red flashing engine light is an indication the engine needs to be checked immediately.

Why is your high mount brake light flashing?

It might have a system like the Blinking Smart Stop that flashes the third brake light to attract the attention of other drivers. It flashes six times before going on steady. If it keeps flashing then something in the system is bad.

Why does 96 mustang airbag light keep flashing?

It is flashing a code for you to use in determining the reason the flashing purpose. in other words it has determined that there is a problem with the air bag system. it will flash the code for 5 times and the the light will stay on. it will be a 2 digit code. count the flashes to determine the code. Your Ford dealer can tell you what the codes mean and where to look for the problem.

2001 Honda Passport and sometimes the check engine light flashes but other times it does not?

A flashing check engine light indicates a "catalyst damaging" misfire. Do not drive while light is flashing. It can(or already has) cause damage to your catalytic converter which can be very expensive to replace. It is likely you have an ignition problem on one cylinder. Bad coil or wire or something like that. It is not uncommon for that to be an intermittent problem. Your check engine light only flashes when it detects the misfire is present at that time. The regular check engine light will remain on to remind you there is a problem that needs addressed.

Why does Airbag light flashes 3 times continuous?

You have a air bag malfinction and should have a dealer chec the fault, your air bag system is non functional when the light is flashing

How do you reseting change oil soon light 2001 Yukon?

Put the Key in the on position and tap the gas pedal to the floor 5 times. Your oil light will flash 5 times and the light will be reset. Turn the key off, and then you can start your vehicle and have no change oil light flashing.

What does it mean when the check engine light is flashing 10 times when car is being started in my 2001 Honda civic?

Its giving the you the number of the CEL you have.

What does it mean if my airbag light blinks five times pauses then blinks once more?

Your air bag light is flashing a code at you that means something is wrong with your air bag system

When locking the smart forfour the hazards flashing several times?

if it is flashing rapidly 9 times, it means it is time to change the battery on the remote control

What is the supplement of 45degree?

To reset your airbag light, in a Nissan Altima, you should turn the car on. From there, as soon as the airbag light stops flashing, turn the car off instantly. Repeat this three times to reset the airbag light.

Mercedes a140 service and repair manual?

when i get out of my car and lock it the lights flash 3 times but there is no red light flashing ca anyone help

My 2002 Polaris Genesis has a problem It displays reverse on the display monitor and there is very little power going to the motor Reverse does not work and there is a light flashing Whats wrong?

I have a 2002 Genesis I and I have to hit the reverse button a couple times to get it into gear. If the light is flashing it is on in reverse that is why you don't have power i n reverse

What can you do if your security light sometimes comes on and the car will not start?

You turn the ignition on, leave it in the on position until the security light stops flashing. It flashes 6 times, then the battery light comes on, then the security light flashes 6 more times. You have to make sure it stops flashing and just stays on. Then you can start your car. PS: If the engine does not start, then turn the ignition off to reset and then try to start it immedately. If this does not work try it again. It eventually starts, but patience is the key factor here.

My HP Compaq DC7800 computer has started beeping everytime I plug it in and turn it on It's beeps 5 times and then breathes hard with a red light flashing next to a light bulb Thanks?

Same issue with me

Why is the brake light on a 1989 Chevy S-10 Blazer flashing?

Well what do you know I solved the mystery mmyself it turns out after I paid to replace wheel cylinders and hoses and bleeding the brakes the cure was an $8.00 brake switch. Once I changed the switch the flashing brake light monster went away. So to anyone else who has a flashing brake light problem with your 89 Chevy S10 Blazer if you get a code 10 that is when the brake warning light flashes 10 times the fix is a new brake switch hope this helps someone.

What does the engine light mean when it is flashing and the car is running rough on a Mazda mille?

it is a warning that there is a major problem with your engine, and if you keep driving it, catasrophic engine damage can occur. it's in your owner's manual Bottom Line - FLASHING CEL, Park the car and TOW IT it the repair Place. STEADY CEL, Drive it to any place that can pull the code and then decide. not quite. we have 2 99's, and i have driven both with flashing cel. it helps to know what is going on, and not push it, but they can be driven. in one case, it was a fuel injector. easy change. another time, coils. actually, several times, coils. but you should drive it home, and then fix it.

Why does the check engine light come on after putting car in drive and reverse several times?

You have to get the engine looked at.

Mazda 626 air bag light is flashing?

It could be a number of issues. It needs to checked for the diagnostic code. You could also try resetting it by turning key to ON, waiting for the flashing to start, then immediately to OFF. Wait 3-5 seconds, and repeat 2 more times,

How to code in ford galaxy key fob?

put key in lock and turn to open position 3 times, red light on door should turn on (constant),take key out of door,press and hold down open button on key fob while doing this press the close button 3 times then light on door should start flashing wait a few seconds for light to stop flashing then press any button on key fob to see if it works.good luck

How do you reset four wheel drive service light?

In some vehicles, it is possible to reset the four-wheel drive service light by turning on the ignition, but not starting the car. The gas pedal should be pushed repeatedly a few times. Alternatively, a dealership can reset the light.

Why my asb light comes on some times?

The USB lights on your laptop comes on when your USB flash drive is not working.

In the distance you notice a flashing light you count the number of flashes and find that it is flashing 60 times in one minute what is the frequency?

Frequency is measured by hertz, or Hz. 1 Hz is a frequency of one cycle per second, and as such a frequency of 60 flashes per second would yield 60 Hz.

How do you get the sky maul bage in shopping cart hero 2?

click on the pause button and when you click resume a red flashing light should appear. click on this seven times and you have completed the level.

Why is sony tv flashing 3 times?

Because your lamp is probably in wrong.