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don't support animal skin trade,give to wwf.leopards,however,are not endangered. Hand out flyers in your local community. Or start a website to raise awareness.


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Snow Leopards , Pandas , African Dog , Siberian Tiger.

Yes they will, they are on the brink of extinction

there are only around 30 amur leopards left in the wild. suprising, i know but we can help them survive by donating £3 a month you can stop the extinction of these animals for good.

Currently, leopards are still common in the sub continent of Africa. However some races are in some danger, such as the saharan leopard. Check IUCN website for more info on leopard race populations.

the African leopards can have about 1 or 2 babies per 2 years

Officially No, but, they will be.

yes but people are saving them more and more

No, Leopards are hunted for their fur so where they live doesn`t effect them at all! No, Leopards are hunted for their fur so where they live doesn`t effect them at all!

Snow Leopards The mountain Gorilla The Baiji dolphin

Snow leopards are, sadly, being killed every year, mainly for their fur coats. They only way snow leopards can stay alive as a species is if people stop poaching them. It is unjust and wrong to kill such a divine animal to extinction, which sadly has happened to many other species of big cats and other animals.

Yes, they are most closely related to African leopards and clouded leopards. They are also related to the other wild cats like tigers or lions or jaguars.

African Lions, Leopards, African Wild Dogs, and Nile Crocodiles:)

No, it's on the path of extinction.

im gonna go with yeah.

There are the African leopards, Panthera pardus pardusclouded leopards, Neofelis nebulosasnow leopards, Uncia unciaPersian leopards, Panthera pardus saxicolorSri Lankan leopards, Panthera pardus kotiyaJavan leopards, Panthera pardus melasArabian leopards, Panthera pardus nimr

lions, hyenas, African wild dogs, African hunting dogs, African wild dogs, leopards and cheetahs

Leopards have a resting heart rate of 90 to 140 on average

you can stop killing a snow leopard by sending money. snow leopards often do die because of people taking their fur

There are nine subspecies of leopards, including the Amur, African, Sri Lankan, Clouded, Persian, and Arabian leopards. Leopards belong to the Felidae family and have the scientific name of Panthera pardus. They are found in different parts of the world.

Leopards don't hibernate, none of the species in the cat family does. Leopards doesn't migrate either, but might occasionally move if prey or water becomes too scarce.

The African leopard is not an endangered species. Check IUCN Redlist for sub species of endangered leopards.

The big five African animals are lions, leopards, black rhinos, African elephants and Cape buffalo

Lions, cheetah, leopards, African hunting dogs

Lions, hyenas, leopards and humans.

* you can stop extinction by introducing conservation projects. as there are many of these across the world, to help endangered species to survive. * stop destroying their habitat.

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