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Hand practice is another name for masturbation. Apart from religious teachings, there is absolutely nothing wrong with masturbation. So you don't need to quit. However, if you wish to stop or reduce it, there are things to keep in mind and to try.

Sexual compulsions often come from a sense of lack in one's life. You may do this more if you are bored, slightly depressed, or have blocked goals. If you are living in poverty and have difficulty making ends meet, you might turn to masturbation or sexual activity more, particularly if you are male, as a means to make up for the damage to the ego that the situation causes.

Sometimes, excessive masturbation is just the symptom of not having a satisfactory relationship with someone. So if you find the right person, you may feel less of a need to masturbate.

You may wish to distract yourself and keep busy. If reducing masturbation is acceptable, then you may consider setting limits, similar to how a problem drinker who is not an alcoholic sets limits on their drinking.

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There are two basic options:

  • have more sex, and/or
  • think less about sex.
  • control in initial phase of exitation it self
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Q: How do you stop the habit of hand practice?
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hand practice is bad habits hand practice destroy you ______________________________________________________ Hand practice (or menstruation) is harmful to health and is sinful per Islam rules. Refer to question below for details.

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