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Why do the middle console lights AC rear wiper flash after replacing the battery in '98 Chrysler Town Country How can these lights be reset?

This problem has bugged many of us T&C van owners. I have found several answers. I have tried them all to no avail. That doesnt mean that you can give it a go. This is one I tried that actually did make things better (two lights now instead of four flash).

a.. Set Blower motor ON HIGH b.. Set Mode position to Panel c.. Open all A/C outlets d.. Set Temperature to Cold (Both slide pots if equipped) e.. Depress WASH and REAR WIPER button simultaneously for 5 Seconds (Until all LED's light) RESULTS: a.. All LED's will turn on for 5 Seconds b.. Calibration Test is running when REAR WIPER and INTERMITTENT are alternately flashing. Cooldown test is running if A/C and RECIRC are alternately flashing. Wait till all lights stop flashing and only the aft wiper light is flashing. c.. Acceptable results is REAR WIPER LED is the only LED flashing. Push Rear Wiper to exit. d.. After all tests have passed, Calibration Diagnostics and Cooldown can be run separately. COOLDOWN TEST ENTRY a.. Set Blower motor ON HIGH b.. Set Mode position to Panel c.. Open all A/C outlets d.. Set Temperature to Cold (Both slide pots if equipped) e.. Depress WASH and A/C simultaneously for 5 Seconds NOTE: Prior to start of test, If the evaporator is already cold, the system will fail test. To correct, operate system with A/C OFF and the blower motor ON high for three minutes prior to starting test.

RESULTS: a.. All LED's will turn on for 5 Seconds b.. Cooldown Test is running when A/C and RECIRC. are alternately flashing. If A/C and RECIRC. are flashing simultaneously, Cooldown has failed. I you.. It did seem to help most folks. Its a shame that no Chrysler dealer in my area is even aware of this problem. If my machanic had known about this he could have dealt with it when he changed the battery. Good Luck!!

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Q: How do you stop the indicator lights for AC and rear defrost and rear wiper from blinking on a 1998 Caravan?
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