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How do you stop the night terrors that seem to be associated with taking Strattera?


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Strattera is a drug. As such, it will affect different people, in different ways.

Consult your physican, and see if a different dosage, or different drug would give you more favorable results.

An antidepressent, or other treatment may ease your anxiety. Avoiding refined carbohydrates will help stabilize your moods if you are either Hyper- or Hypo-glycemic.

Do aerobic exercise, and drink plenty of water, to help your body expel stress hormones, and fatigue your muscles, so that your body can sleep better.

A behavioral psychologist, or spiritual counselor, may help you address mental or spiritual sources of your anxiety.

You may also investigate having a Sleep Study done. They take about four hours, during which you are electronically monitored and observed.

This evaluation can determine if you have ailments like sleep apnea, which causes a shortage of oxygen, which can send your body into a panic/survival mode.


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I have night terrors every night how can I avoid this dreams and have a peaceful night sleep.

take it mid-day for a day or two, then start taking it at night

See attached links for sites addressing the problem of night terrors.

Paralysis upon waking is not a recognized symptom of night terrors.

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Yes. I've been experiencing the worst dreams of my life on this medication.

"Sleep or night terrors should not be confused with nightmares. A night terror causing one to awake in feeling of intense terror or panic. Young children suffer most from night terrors, but adults can also suffer from night terrors."

Night terrors are very intense episodes of fear and screaming during sleep. They are usually found in children. You can learn more here:

For those of us who actually suffer from night terrors, they are very common. I personally have been suffering night terrors for nearly 39 years now. To that end, I need to take a sleep-aid each night if I wish to have a 'restful' sleep. Though I still dream (and the terrors still occur) I am not aware of them.

My 11 year old daughter had been taking Strattera for a little more than 3 years. About 5 weeks ago she decided on her own, without discussing it with her father and I, to stop cold turkey taking her meds. She was taking 60mg of Strattera and a melatonin every night before bed. She was taking it at night because of the stomach aches. they were just to much to handle during the morning at school. After a few weeks of not taking the meds she confided in my Mother that she was not taking the Strattera anymore. I couldn't really tell any major differences. The only big difference was her insatiable appetite In the about 5 or 6 weeks she has been off the Strattera(taking it for ADHD) she has gained 10lbs. She says she is now sleeping through the night. Falling asleep quite easily too. It used to take her more than an hour even with the Melatonin.

yes, it is possible and has happened before. people can become extremely scared due to nightmares/night terrors and have a heart attack

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They can appear similar, but they are not connected. Night terrors are a sleeping disorder, whereas epilepsy is a physical condition. A person who has epilepsy could also have night terrors, in the same way they could have any other health issue, but it would be separate to their epilepsy.

night terrors are not nightmares they are when you wake up all sweatie and you feel like the dream was so real and you start to wonder if it was real. usually you have night terrors when you are in the ages of 5 through 8 it can still happen to teenages and adults but its more common in little kids.

There is no exact science behind night terrors. The definition of night terrors is typically considered the extreme and amplified sequence of nightmares which cause trauma to the body and mind. Night terrors can occur from emotional and mental health problems arising from recent trauma in a persons life, even children. It is not the ONLY cause of night terrors. Some people will produce more of a certain type of chemical which helps regulate sleep and it can cause extreme nightmares (night terrors) It may also be a product of wild imaginations. Parents should also watch the content their children are viewing on television prior to their sleep to check for patterns. It is typically advised that a person should not watch television 1-2 hours prior to going to sleep as this interferes with REM sleep which may be another cause of night terrors

Nght Tremors or Night Terrors?

seems to run in families. Extreme tension or stress can increase the incidence of the episodes. In adults, the use of alcohol also contributes to an increased incidence of night terrors

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