How do you stop the night terrors that seem to be associated with taking Strattera?

Strattera is a drug. As such, it will affect different people, in different ways.

Consult your physican, and see if a different dosage, or different drug would give you more favorable results.

An antidepressent, or other treatment may ease your anxiety. Avoiding refined carbohydrates will help stabilize your moods if you are either Hyper- or Hypo-glycemic.

Do aerobic exercise, and drink plenty of water, to help your body expel stress hormones, and fatigue your muscles, so that your body can sleep better.

A behavioral psychologist, or spiritual counselor, may help you address mental or spiritual sources of your anxiety.

You may also investigate having a Sleep Study done. They take about four hours, during which you are electronically monitored and observed.

This evaluation can determine if you have ailments like sleep apnea, which causes a shortage of oxygen, which can send your body into a panic/survival mode.