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cut out the infected area using a dermal tool but be carefull not to let the sparks hit the liner of the pool it would be best if the pool was drained of water and hold the liner back and put a towal in front of the liner while someone else cuts out the rusted area then get a peice of sheet metal bigger then the hole to put over the hole you will have to drill holes 2" apart in the sheet metal and the pool wall making sure they line up then get the same amount round headed nuts as holes makeing sure the round head is on the inside also put some silcone on the cut out areas and on the scews to prevent rust again spray paint would also help the best sheet metal to get would be either stainless steel or aluminuim both will not rust you can get both of them at your local hardware store or homedepot and lowes that should fix the rust in the side of your pool for a good long time

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Q: How do you stop the rust from spreading and cover a hole approximately 6'' by 6'' in the wall of an above ground pool?
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