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Go to your Family Practice Dr. and ask for a prescription for Drysol. Works on feet and hands as well.

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Q: How do you stop underarm sweating?
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Where on the body is deodorant used?

Deodorant is mainly used for the underarm and chest area. Some people use deodorant all over their body to stop sweating.

How do you stop excessive sweating on the underarms and hands?

There are many methods to stop excessive underarm sweating. I prefer natural remedies like applying lemon juice to your underarms before you sleep or putting apple cider vinegar on your underarms for 20 minutes and washing off with water.

What is an antiperspirant?

An antiperspirant is a substance used to minimize sweating or perspiration, usually applied to the underarm.

Where can you buy underarm sweat pads?

Shouldn't the question be, why do you need underarm sweat pads? Try talc powder or you can buy deoderant from chemists for excessive sweating.

How do you prevent excessive underarm sweating?

Put antiperspirant on and make sure you stay clean.However is this does not work, talk to your doctor about a prescription strength antiperspirant. A antiperspirant called drysol which is filled by prescription from a doctor will almost definitely stop your underarm sweating.AnswerBotox injections in the armpit stop sweating. However it is a toxin and it does not stop you from sweating permanently since you will need to go back for similar treatments every 5-8 months. There isn't really a lot you can do, although it's embarrassing you have to try and 'get over it' and try to not let it bother you too much, after all it'll probably just make you sweat more. Sorry but it's a bodily function we all have to deal with.

What good deodorant to use for underarm sweat?

If you are a woman with a sweating problem use Secret Clinical Strength. If you are a man with a sweating problem, use Degree for men. :)

Can you put garlic under your arms to stop underarm odor?

You can put garlic under your arms, but it will not stop underarm odor. It will create the unpleasant smell of pits AND garlic.

How do you prevent underarm sweating?

You have a few options to prevent underarm sweating depending on how bad your condition... 1) In some cases you can just use anantiperspirant with the highest percentage of active ingredients, particularly aluminum chloride hexahydrate, that you can find. 2) If you are diagnosed with Hyperhidrosis, botox shots every few months will work. 3) If you don't have the money, don't like needles or just want something more natural you can prevent underarm sweating by applying lemon juice to your underarms and leave on overnight.

How can you stop yourself sweating?

You can't Its Natural to cool your body down. So you can't Stop Sweating.

How can you stop sweating from your male genitalia?

The best way to stop sweating is to not think about sweating. The reason you sweat is because of the ideas you run about it. If you keep your mind free of all the thoughts you can become dry and not sweat. <a href=""/>Stop Sweating by utilizing the brain</a>

How do you stop underarms sweating?

Wear deoderant..

How do you stop sweating hands?

Wear oven gloves.

How do you stop sweating from caffeine?

drink some water

How does thick fur help a camel?

a camel needs thick fur to stop it from sweating to much, thussaving water. also it reflects sun rays.

What can you do about excessive underarm sweating?

You could have botox injections, because it stops sweating. Its been done hundereds of times. However you should also know that Botox is not a permanent remedy as you will need to go back for similar treatment every 5-8 months.

What brand of girls deodorant helps girls stop sweating?

Any that says "Antiperspirant" on it. Deodorants without antiperspirants just mask odor with a scent. Antiperspirants stop sweating.

How do you prevent or stop sweating - or excessive sweating - of the head?

To stop sweating is not healthy as sweating is the bodies natural way to cool itself, but there are different things you can do to stop sweating so much. You can prevent excessive sweating of the head with some small adjustments to your everyday routine, like using an antibacterial soap like Safeguard and using a loofah (this keeps your pores clear so your skin can "breathe" and keep you cooler). You can also be sure to wear light colored, cotton, loose fitting clothing.

How can you stop over sweating?

Try adjusting the temperature/climate.

What are sweat rugs used for?

to stop horses sweating to much

What is the term for excessive sweating called?

The medical term for excessive sweating is "hyperhidrosis." This medical condition typically occurs without triggers that normally causes sweating (warm temperatures, exercise, or certain situations), and there is yet to be a cause found for it. Hyperhidrosis can cause significant discomfort in people, both mentally and physically. Some treatments include antiperspirants, medications, Botox, and underarm surgery.

Does the body stop sweating as you age?

No - we continue to sweat throughout our lives.

What can you eat to stop sweating?

ice cream :) or atleast its a good excuse

How can i make my feet stop sweating?

I suggest you take this up with your Doctor.

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