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Make sure your oil is full and the oil pressure is correct. Adjust the valves as they are adjustable. You back them off until they clatter and tighten them down until the clatter stops and then tighten them 1/2 of a turn more.

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How do you stop tapping in a 2.5 jeep motor?

It depends on what's tapping. You may have a bad lifter or a valve problem.

Why does my 1996 Chevy caprice turns off when you stop?

i have caprice 1994 classic and turn off when turn off air condition i replace the relay for in fuse box under hood and fix hope never stop again .

I have a 1985 Chevy Caprice and it is idling high how do i stop this?

Perhaps throttle plate is stuck - try to free with a screwdrive in the throttle body

How do you stop Chevy Caprice from dieseling?

Check your timing and if it is a carb, check to make sure the air fuel mixture is set properly.

Why Do a 94 Chevy Caprice Engine start Missing 4 a minute then stop?

An intermittent miss in a 94 Caprice could be something in the ignition system. Check the plug wires and ignition coil to start with.

Your 1990 Chevy Caprice is struck in park?

Check stop lights (fuse switch) they should be on the same line as shift interlock circuit

What is the light called in the rear window of a 1988 Chevy caprice classic?

Assumingly you're referring to the Center High Mounted Stop Lamp

Why does your 1993 Chevy S10 Blazer begin to stall when you come to a stop and Once you turned it off it won't start back up?

Check your EGR valve Check EGR valve

84 Chevy caprice when engine is off something is still running not the wiper motor or the windshield fluid motor what is it you have to disconnect the battery to make it stop?

i think i had the same problem with my 84 caprice. is the battery dead when u go to start it? i unplugged the clock in the dash and it seemed to fix it.

Why did Chevrolet stop making the caprice classic?

Poor sales.

Stop tapping your pencil. What is the simple subject of this sentence?


93 caprice 5.0 engine car has bad hesitation when starting from a stop?

I have a 94 Chevy C1500 with a 5.7L or 350. It had the same problem and it was the distributor timing is off. It also needed spark plugs and spark plug wires. But that cant be the only problem. It could also be a vacuum leak or the EGR valve is sticking. Try the timing first.

Difference between globe valve and gate valve?

The Gate valve is the stop valve & the Globe valve is the fluid Regulating valve.

What is the difference between globe valve and stop valve?


What are the main functions of the steam stop valve and safety valve?

The function of steam stop valve to supply steam to steam maniform and the function safety valve to prevent the steam high pressure over.

1995 Chevy Caprice 4.3 engine stop firing after engine runs about 30 mins. and about 15 mins later it would restart once again.?

fuel pump getting hot, shutting off?

Does pen tapping stop your growth?

Um.....why would pen tapping stop your growth? its just a fun habit that really annoys teachers. the only situation in which it would stop your growth is if your teacher got really mad at you and murdered you with your own pens, but i don't think that'll happen.

How do you adjust lifters on 5.7?

I'm assuming the 5.7 your asking about is a 350 Chevy. It's not very easy to do. There are two ways. The first way is to remove the valve cover. they make a tool that you can clip on the top of the rocker arms to stop the oil from splasking everywhere. You will need a ratchet with a 5/8" deep barrell socket. start the engine with the cover off and you will need to back off or loosen the nut on the rocker shaft until you can hear it tapping. Stop and tighten it just until it stops tapping. Do that fifteen more times and that's it. You can cold lash the valves if you have the hands for it. I have always taken the valve covers off and loosen the rocker ars while feeling the pushrod for slack. When I get slack I stop and slowly tighten the nut while spinning the pushrod between my fingers when I feel it get snug, I stop and tighten it an additional 1/2 turn on an older lifter or a full turn on a new engine.

How do you disassemble a stop valve?

With a wrench carefully holding back on the valve body

How to stop leack from a valve stem on a tire?

Fit a new valve stem.

What should be used in the failure of stop valve to isolate the supply from outside tap on cold water supply?

Stop Valve Key

Different between gate valve stop valve?

a gate valve has a section inside that moves up and down to close off the flow. Metal on metal. A stop valve uses a rubber washer to seal the flow.

Types of valves in a coal fired power plant?

Control valve stop valve inch type valve

What is steam stop valve in boiler?

The steam stop valve on a boiler is a safety device. In the event that the boiler overheats, the steam stop valve is opened to allow steam to escape to another tank in the boiler system that is away from the main tank.

My 1993 Chevy caprice classic keeps stalling i replaced the cap and rotor fuel pump plugs and wires I also replaced the main computer yet it wont stay running Can anyone help?

, They replaced for me the Ignition module and Fuel pump relay so that it could be restarted, then the EGR valve to keep it from stalling at stop lights; then I also replaced the Fuel Pressure Regulator diaphragm and Idle Air Control Valve, TPS sensor, IAF sensor, and finally the EGR Valve Solenoid which seems to give much more stable idle when in gear at a stoplight. Hope this helps

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