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One way would be to install drain tile in the yard around the pool deck to carry excess ground water away from the pool.

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Q: How do you stop water from gathering behind a swimming pool liner?
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How do you put the swimming pool liner back to its place with water in the pool?

You don't! Water must be emptied, liner reset in place and pool refilled

Water behind vinyl liner inground pool?

If you have water behind your vinyl in ground pool liner, you should first lower the water in the pool to normal levels if it is over-filled. Make sure that the vacuum pipe is clear, unclog it if it is not. Once it is unblocked let the water from behind the liner flow out.

how did water get behind new pool liner when no holes have been cut in the liner for fittings?

Probably ground water or condensation. The liner cannot leak unless it has hole in it.

How do you reinstall a liner that has come out of its track in the corner of an in ground swimming pool?

Try using very hot water to heat the liner..

How can you stop water pockets from forming behind the liner of your inground pool?

1. determine where your pool is leaking (liner or plumbing) and repair.

What causes water to get behind and inground pool liner when you drain it?

sounds like there is ground water getting in there somehow

Is it possible to repair a bulging vinyl pool liner?

By the liner bulging, I assume you are refering to water behind the liner due to excessive hydrostatic pressure. To correct, you need to remove the excess water. You need a pump and a length of smooth flexible hose, spa flex is best. 1. Unhook the liner from the bead receptor in shallow end of pool 2. Place hose into the water behind the liner (towards the bottom of the pool wall) 3. attach hose to front of the pump 4. Attach another hose to the discharge side of the pump 5. start pump and send discharged water back into the pool. 6.use a pool brush to carefully smooth the liner back into place. 7. When water recedes slowly pull suction hose from behind the liner. Note:You do not want to remove all the water just the majority of it. Otherwise it will be difficult to remove the hose. The remainder of the water behind the liner will disipate as the ground dries and the liner watyer pressure pushes it out..

Is it problematic to have water get behind the liner?

I HAVE THIS PROBLEM. THE POOL PRO I SPOKE TO SAID IT IS A PROBLEM AND IT NEEDS TO BE REMOVED. A GARDEN HOSE ATTACHED TO A PUMP BEHIND THE LINER IN A CORNER SHOULD DO IT ACCORDING TO HIM. IF IT IS A PERSISTENT PROBLEM YOU NEED TO DO IT WEEKLY. Had a vinyl liner pool 21 yrs and always have water behind liner after a major rain or water the flowers too long. We installed a PVC pipe in the corner with a cap on the end with pencil size holes drilled in the cap.Then cut a hole in the steel wall and under the walk way around the pool and attached a water hose to the end coming out with a water hose and use a utility pump to pump the water from behind the liner to a drain pipe running in a ditch away from the pool. It's a pain..but the water weight in the pool is not surpose to allow the water behind the liner to rise, but guess what?... is does. Only thing we can come up with is we have clay all the way down and have sometype of pooling to the hole. We are installing French ddrains around the pools sides this summer.Good luck with your problem with water behind the liner!

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Why does your vinyl pool liner have ripples?

One cause is a leak.. A small hole/tear in the liner allows water to get behind/under the liner. Now, without the water pressure pressing against it (or, with equal pressure above and below), the liner 'floats' away from the ground/wall. If you see an increase in the number or severity of the wrinkles, you likely have a small hole somewhere...

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