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Look for a clogged A/C drain tube on the firewall on the passenger side. It's a short 90 degree rubber pipe held on by a clamp. It's probably just full of gunk. Snip off the end or remove it and clear it out. Plymouth hasn't fixed this recurring problem on it's smaller cars for over 40 years. Probably creates hefty repair bills for it's dealers. A definite D.I.Y. Took me literally 10 minutes to fix mine after getting "water in the shoe" for several weeks.

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Q: How do you stop water from leaking into your 2001 Plymouth Neon onto the floorboards on the passenger side?
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Why is your Pontiac firebird leaking water on the front floorboards?

heater core is shot...

What would cause water to come in on the passenger floor board in a 1997 Plymouth Voyager?

The ac drain is plugged. The drain hose is on the firewall on the lower passenger side. ...that, or your heater core is leaking.

91 Acura leaking water onto floorboards?

If it's leaking clear water, probably a bad door seal or a plugged cowl drain or a plugged AC evaporator condensation drain. orIf it's leaking engine coolant, probably a bad heater core.

Why does a leaking pipe need to be fixed?

IT can cut of the water drainage flooding your area underneath your pipes+If you have wooden floorboards it can rot your floor away

Why is water leaking in and soaking both driver and passenger side carpet?

have your heater core checked its probually leaking

Leaking ac water on passenger floor?

There is a drain on the outside firewall that is clogged.

Why is water in the passenger compartment?

more than likely the heater core is leaking

Why is water leaking on passenger side of 1995 cadillac?

AC condensation drain.

Why is 2003 impala water on passenger floor?

you could have a heater core leaking or your windshield is leaking and the water is running down behind the dash and onto the floor.

Why would water appear in the trunk and rear floorboards of your 97 Jetta could it be related to the sunroof drains?

Does your jetta have a rear spoiler? I was told that mine was leaking like that and that the spoiler was leaking. I haven't fixed it yet though.

Why does water leak on passenger side floorboard s10?

If that water is engine coolant, the heater core is leaking.

Why does substantial water not coolant leak into my 1993 Mercury Grand Marquis passenger side floorboards both front and rear and into trunk?

There are only two possibilities for the water leak in the 1993 Mercury Marquis. The car could have a leak allowing rain water in. Or, the drain for the ac could be stopped, and condensation is leaking into the car. The condensation is your most likely cause.

What causes water inside the passenger side of a 2004 Hyundai Santa Fe?

Either the heater core is leaking, the windshield is leaking, or there is a leak around the cowl. If the water tastes sweet it is a leaking heater core.

Why is there a water puddle in the passenger floorboard of your 2004 dodge Dakota?

heater core is leaking.

Why is there radiator water leaking on the passenger side floorboard of Hyundai Excel?

This would be caused by a leaking heater core, or a leak in the plumbing associated with it.

Water leaking on passenger floor in Mazda protege?

Are you running the air conditioner? If the drain line is plugged, it will leak water (condensation) onto the passenger side floor.

Why is there pink water in passenger side footwell peugeot 206?

There is pink anti freeze leaking inside of my car the passenger side what does this mean?

Why is 2005 Dodge Durango leaking water from passenger side?

Because the air conditioner is running.

Why is there water leaking on the passenger side floorboard of your Chevy Monte Carlo?

bad door seals

What is the light pink fluid leaking from the front passenger side of your volkswagen beetle?

Pentosin G12 coolant is pink. If it's leaking inside the car, that sounds like a heater core problem. If it's leaking on the ground, the passenger side is where the hoses and water pump are.

Water leaking under dash passenger side on Nissan 200sx?

Sounds like either the windshield seal if defective or the heater core is leaking Check to see if water? is antifreeze

Why would the coolant be leaking from the back of a 1997 z24 car runs fine 4cyl auto trans?

Leaking from the water pump at the back on the passenger side.

Why is water leaking on passenger floorboard of 2003 dodge Dakota?

Have you used your air conditioning lately? The most common reason for water to appear to be leaking on the passenger floorboard is that the condensation drain for the air conditioning is plugged. Unfortunately, the drain is pretty much inaccessible to the average person and I have yet to discover a reasonable method of clearing it other than paying the dealer or a mechanic to do it. The other, less common causes for that type of leak is that the heater core is leaking, in which case the fluid will be antifreeze rather than water, or the door seal on the passenger door may be leaking, or the windshield gasket may be leaking.

Why is there water leaking onto the passenger side floor of your 96 Honda accord?

Condensation from air conditioning?

I hear water in the passenger side of dashboard of my 1995 Honda civic?

Water in the passenger side of the dashboard means the evaporator core is leaking. This needs to fix quickly as it will cause the inside of the car to be filled with water.