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How do you stop water from leaking into your 2001 Plymouth Neon onto the floorboards on the passenger side?


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2015-07-16 18:22:40
2015-07-16 18:22:40

Look for a clogged A/C drain tube on the firewall on the passenger side. It's a short 90 degree rubber pipe held on by a clamp. It's probably just full of gunk. Snip off the end or remove it and clear it out. Plymouth hasn't fixed this recurring problem on it's smaller cars for over 40 years. Probably creates hefty repair bills for it's dealers. A definite D.I.Y. Took me literally 10 minutes to fix mine after getting "water in the shoe" for several weeks.


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The ac drain is plugged. The drain hose is on the firewall on the lower passenger side. ...that, or your heater core is leaking.

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On the passenger side? That's typically because of buildup on the evaporator coil for your conditioning.

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IT can cut of the water drainage flooding your area underneath your pipes+If you have wooden floorboards it can rot your floor away

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have your heater core checked its probually leaking

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