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How do you stop your butt from bleeding?

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If you have bleeding from the "butt", you need to see your doctor as soon as you can.

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What might be wrong if your bleeding out your butt?

The most likely cause of bleeding from the butt is hemorrhoids.

What to do if your puppy is bleeding from her butt?

immediatly take your puppy to the vet, what would you do if you were bleeding from YOUR butt?

How do you do a girl in the butt without her bleeding?

spit on it first.

How do you stop the bleeding on your turtle shell?

To stop the bleeding on your turtle shell one must figure out what is causing the bleeding. Once it found the solution must be found and used to stop the bleeding.

Why would a dog bleed from her butt?

Being that you said "her", I'm betting she is in heat and it's not her butt that is bleeding.

Can adrenaline stop bleeding?

Adrenaline (epinephrine) can help stop bleeding because it is a vasoconstrictor.

What forms a plug to stop bleeding in the skin?

platelets is what forms to help you stop bleeding

What do you put on dog nails to stop bleeding?

The use of steptic powder will stop bleeding.

What would you place on or beside a wound to stop bleeding?

A bandage is used to stop bleeding.

Will a female dog stop bleeding if she is pregnant?

It will stop bleeding after a while or it will not bleed at all

What blood cells help stop bleeding?

Cells called platelets will stop bleeding.

What can you do to help a newborn kitten from bleeding poop?

my new born kitten's butt is bleeding what does it mean? is it normal?

Why Hamster died but he was bleeding from his butt why?

Please do not ask these questions...

Can your poop be red?

It's because your rectum (or butt) is bleeding

What does it mean if a female hamsters butt is bleeding?

She's menstruating.

What should you place by or beside a wound to stop bleeding?

A gauze bandage can be used to stop bleeding.

Does putting ice on a cut stop the bleeding?

No. It will reduce swelling only. Pressure will stop bleeding.

why does my butt itch what can i do i already got a stick outside and sratched it and now its bleeding?

im just kidding just was bored

What to do when a guinea pig is bleeding from the but?

Wash It off, Is it out of the butt or on the butt? If its on the butt just wipe it off with a wet cloth. If its bleeding from in the butt and coming out wash it off with a wet cloth and change its diet. Maybe get some medicine at the pet store. If conditions worsen take your prt to the Vet. Good Luck :)

How do you stop a bleeding liver?

go to the hospital, you cant just stop a bleeding liver without surgery.

Bleeding out the butt?

you have a serious problem u need medical attention

If you take utovlan on the day your period starts will this stop the bleeding until you stop talin the tablets?

The bleeding will not stop immediatley but will after a day or so.

How can you make your butt stop hurting?

dont sit on it all day and do some frickingexcersise

To stop severe bleeding of the arm which pressure point do you use?

To stop bleeding of the arm press on the brachial artery.

What enzymes do humans have to stop bleeding that rats do not?

Enzymes don't stop bleeding, blood platelets do by forming clots.