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Put them outside and let them stay there for a night and it it does not work then put it in a cage that has the litterbox under it and if that does not work then let somebody that is good at training cats to go and train the animal to go to the bathroom. LOL Jenny

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โˆ™ 2011-04-30 01:54:45
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Q: How do you stop your cat from pooping in the house?
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How do stop a cat from pooping in the house?

Train it

Stop birds pooping on your deck?

buy a cat

How can you Stop the cat from pooping in your garage?

Keep it out of the garage! Peace out. :)

How do you stop your outdoor cat from pooping next to the house?

Urinate all around your house to claim it as "your territory". While at it you may also want to urinate on your neighbor's houses to.

Older dog started pooping in the house?

What can I do to stop my older dog from pooping and peeing in the house

How do you stop dogs pooping on the lawn?

You can't. You just have to pick up the poop. Unless you want it pooping in the house!

Why is your cat peeing ad pooping in the house?

the are not that smart there brains are not filled with smartness!!

How do you stop cats from pooping in your yard don't have a dog?

keep it in the house

How do you get a territorial cat to stop pooping in the house?

make sure that it has easy axcess to litter boxes or to the out side, never hit the cat but you could try spraying with a water bottle when they go in the area they poop on the floor

What do you do if your cat wont stop pooping?

Just shove a cork up its- just kidding! lol. Try giving your cat different food.

How do you stop raccoons from pooping on your lawn?

trap them and relocate them to a wooded area far from your house

Why is your cat pooping on the floor?

you should teach your cat where its litterbox is

How do you know when your puppy is finished potty training?

When they stop peeing and pooping in your house or anywhere they aren't supposed to.

What can you use to stop a dog from pooping in front of house?

Kill the dog so it doesn't bother you anymore...

How can you stop a cat from marking in the house if you never see him do it?

How can you prove that the cat is marking the house if you never see him do it?

How do you get your cat to stop pooping outside the litter box?

This may sound weird, but take the feces (poop) and put it in the litter box.

Why is your pregnant cat peeing and pooping it self?

It is because their bodies' are going through great change. It should stop a bit after the kitting.

Why is your pregnant platy pooping alot?

That's what they do. The time to worry is if they stop pooping.

How can you prevent a cat from pooping on wood floors?

I have no clue!

How can you stop your 6 year old cat from pooping on the floor?

Take him to the vet to find out what is wrong. If the litter box is kept clean, most adult cats will use it unless the cat is ill.

What to do if your cat keeps pooping on the floor?

My cat was a stray, and as soon as we got him a litterbox he started using it. If you already have a litterbox, just try to steer your cat to it more often, or maybe move it to a place in your house that it frequently goes to.

Should you human urinate on a cat to stop it from urinating in the house?


How can you stop Otters from pooping on your dock?

kill them

How do you stop the burning from nasal spray?

by pooping!

Can you stop pooping?

Yes, if you are not afraid to die.