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How do you stop your dog from attacking animals?

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  • Dogs should be trained from the time they are pups. All my dogs have been trained with my husband and I and the trainer. It makes life a whole lot simpler when you just give hand signals or a grunt here and there and have your dog obey immediately. Your family and friends appreciate your pet much more. All people who own pets are 100% responsible for a well trained dog. Whether the dog is large, medium or small I detest hearing, "Oh, he/she's a big moosh pot and won't bite!" I also don't like parents letting their little ones bend down face-to-face with dogs. Your dog is not the problem, you have to get moving and get the dog trained. Chaining a dog up or putting it in a caged area will only upset the dog more. People have to decide if they want a guard dog or a pet (even a guard dog should listen to commands on the spot!)
  • Have you tried a shock collar, obedience training, or putting animal a fenced in yard by itself.
2011-02-07 10:26:40
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Q: How do you stop your dog from attacking animals?
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How do you stop your dog from attacking your other dog?

You have to let them fight it out. Eventually they will stop. But if the other dog attacks the other dog and a scratch happens and a drop of blood happens you have to stop it immediately.

Is it legal in the state of Maine to shoot a dog if its attacking your animals and if on your property?


How do I stop my dog from attacking people?

When your dog attacks someone , poor training or lack of play maybe part. 1.) get a spray bottle, use it every time your animals is preparing to do something you don't want them to do. 2.) if your animal is attacking other animals or people. Its time for a Shock/Training collar. These work great. Sometimes animals cannot be broken of this trait, and have to be euthanized 3.) walk your dog and play with your dog to wear off energy.

What pets can you get in fallout 3?

You can only have a pet dog named Dogmeat, but with a special perk some animals will stop attacking you and will also help you fight if they happen to be in the area.

Why is my dog attacking the blanket?

It may be that it is playing with it. If you dog is a puppy this is most likely to happen. Otherwise the best way to stop them from doing it (if you want them to) is to use positive reinforcement (catch them in the act, tell them no or get them to stop attacking it. After a few seconds of good non attacking behavior, reward them with a treat.)

How do you get your dog to stop attacking your husband?

If your dog is attacking your husband, take your dog to see the doctor or vet immediately. There could be something wrong with it. If your dog keeps doing it after that then maybe try to teach it not to do that or maybe you will have to move away without it if it does bother you enough. ___

When did the vikings stop attacking?

vikings stop attacking in the 800

How can you stop your dog from eating small animals?

Let him eat large animals.

How do you get your dog to stop attacking people randomly?

You should take your dog to a trainer for a while and should not take it around people until it's properly trained.

Your dog starting attacking your pet sitter suddenly He has never done this before what can you do to stop him from attacking and biting while they come to your house?

cover your hands in baby food or peanut butter. IDK about attacking dogs, but it teaches puppies not to bite.

How do you train a dog to stop attacking a smaller dog at random times?

Once a dog starts attacking a smaller dog then all the training in the world is not going to help. Dog owners with these types of dogs should put a muzzle on the dog and also keep them on a tight lead. The only place this type of dog should be let run free is an open field where there are no other animals or people around. The problem with some dogs attacking other dogs is they may also attack children or adults. Why some dogs do this and others don't is even a mystery to vets. If another male dog is neutered then generally the other dogs that aren't or even are will leave that dog alone, but, in the case of a dog such as yours that won't even stop them. Trained to listen to your commands or not I wouldn't trust your pet. He/she may be loyal to you, but you can NEVER trust this dog with other dogs or even other people.

What is a brave animal?

There are many brave animals. The lion is considered brave. Dogs are also brave, they have been known to risk their lives to save the ones they love. Cats can also be brave, one attacked a large dog in order to stop the dog from attacking the little boy in his family.

How do you train your bull terrier to stop attacking the fence to get to the dog next door?

Take him to a behaviourist, he clearly has issues with other dogs.

Putting a dog to sleep after attacking?


Is it illegal to shoot a robin that is attacking your dog?

of course not if it is attacking your dog i wouldent recomend shooting it you may hit your dog simply scare it away or kick it off of him.

Can you use who with animals?

"Who" is used in reference to humans. For animals, the proper word is "which" or "it". Example: This is the dog which bit the postman yesterday. Example: If you give a dog a bone, it will stop barking at you.

Can you kill a dangerous dog when its attacking another dog?

Yes, you have the right to.

Why is your dog attacking your other dog repeatedly?

Because he doesn't like him.

How do you stop your companions from attacking in Skyrim?

The only way to stop your companion from attacking is by telling him/her to wait. To do this you talk to them and then select wait here.

How would you handle a ferocious dog rushing toward you threatening to bite you?

Dont run! protect your face & mainly your throat (that is what the dog with go for! Then if possible kick it in its abdomen! if it does stop attacking & i mean doesn't stop!!! use other appropriate force's

How can I stop my dog from attacking my cats?

Dogs are protective and will continue attacking cats regard less. That is true but just do what I do to get my dog from attacking the neighborhood cat every-time i see her I call my dog and give her a treat and if she doesn't attack ill give her another treat but if she does attack she has to stay inside for 1 hour because she loves to be outsidemake dogs trained by giving them treats when they dont or never take it near a cat

Why don't the Jews stop attacking Palestine?

Because Palestine keeps attacking the Jews.

What are your chances of a dog attacking somebody?

it depends on the dog, if it is a mean dog than it most likely will.

What is an attack dog?

An attack dog is a dog bred, trained or used for the purpose of attacking a target.

What does it mean if you dream that a dog is attacking you?

that you don't love your dog or you know that your dog doesn't love you.