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How do you stop your period?

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The question could be interpreted two ways. If you are asking for ways to end the menstruation you are experiencing right now, then the answer is you can't. It will have to run its course. If you asking for ways to prevent menstruation from occurring at all, well, that's another story altogether. I suspect that you are very young and not very happy about the changes to your body that are occurring or you fear are about to occur. Please talk to your mom (or favorite adult who you trust and are comfortable with) about your anxiety about getting your period. For adults or adolescents who are reading this, it is not uncommon for a doctor to prescribe birth-control pills to reduce certain symptoms of heavy menstruation and to induce regular cycles on women who have irregular ones.

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Will vineager stop your period?

No, vinegar will not stop your period. Your period is part of your menstrual cycle and a natural function of your body, you cannot stop your period with vinegar.

How can you stop your period if your 11 years old?

No matter your age there is nothing you can do to stop your period. your period is a nnormal function of your body, it will stop when it's due to stop.

Does anarexia stop your period?

If your weight gets too low then your period will usually stop. If you exercise a lot, that too can stop your period.

When you start the depo shot for the first time on the third day of your period when will your period stop?

Your period may not stop because your on the 3rd day of your period.

Can your period stop after inserting NuvaRing?

Your period may stop after inserting NuvaRing, just as your period may stop after starting a new pack of birth control pills.

Does Tylenol work to stop your period?

No, Tylenol will not stop your period. It may help to decrease discomfort that comes with your period, though. The only drugs designed to stop your period are marketed as birth control pills.

How do you stop period cramps?

is there anyway to stop cramps or help them?? i am talking about the ones you get with or before your period

If you died while you were on your period when would your period stop?

It would stop the precise moment you died.

Does your period stop once you put the patch on?

yes. the patch will give you hormones that stop your period

Can aspirin stop your period?

Aspirin cannot stop a period, however it can increase the bleeding you experience.

How do you stop an unexpected period flow?

You can't stop your period just like that. You will need medication.

Is there a tablet you can buy to stop your period?

There is a tablet to postpone your period called Primolut N, but I do not think there is a pill to stop your period entirely.

How old are you when you stop getting your period?

Its around 50 but not all woman stop having there period for some it will never stop and someones will stop at a young age.

If am seeing my period can i stop it?

Once your period starts it starts. No worries. It happens to every female who is growing up. The period will eventually stop on its own. You don't need to stop it. I wouldn't recommend trying to stop it either just stay calm and take care of the period. Eventually it'll stop.

Can you stop your menstrual cycle by taking a pill?

If you're already on your period then the pill may reduce the flow of your period but will not stop it. However if you're not on your period you can stop your period by taking the pill but it isn't advisable as a permanent thing.

What is a period button?

A 'period' is also known as a 'full stop'. Americans say 'period', Brits say 'full stop'. So if it's on a keyboard, it's the full stop button.

You are in your period time how can you stop it immediately?

you can't stop it.

Can laxatives stop your period?

No, taking laxatives will not stop your period. Your period is determined by your menstrual cycle, taking laxitives has no effect on your cycle at all.

If you are on your period and take birth control will it stop your period?

It doesn't stop it, but it usually makes it lighter and shorter.

In writing is a period a full stop?

Period is the American term for the English term "Full stop" in literature.

Is it normal to start your period And stop the same day?

Is it normal to start your period and stop the same day

What natural remedies can you take to stop your period?

The only natural way to stop your period would be to get pregnant.

You want to stop your period for coming tomorrow and your period is 7 days is it healthy and can you stop from coming?

if you want to stop your period from coming tomorrow you cant it lasts up to 2-3 days

What is another word for period?

PERIOD (time) : age, era, epoch, term PERIOD (punctuation) : stop, full-stop, conclusion PERIOD (menstrual) : cycle, time of the month

Does not drinking water stop your period?

No. Drinking water does not stop your period, but, you can delay your period by being really active for a day. This will delay your period for about 3 days or so.