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In a room that has no humidity, the gutar should be kept out of direct sunlight and room temperature should be cool.

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Where would you here an electric guitar?

You can try them out at a guitar store to hear one in person.

Where would you find an acoustic electric guitar?

A music store.

Where can one get a Fender electric guitar repaired?

There are several online websites that will sell parts to repair a Fender electric guitar and instructions. One can also take the guitar to their local guitar selling store or music instrument store to find out locally where one can get the guitar repaired by a professional.

Where can someone purchase an electric guitar?

One can purchase an electric guitar from a musical instrument store. One can also look for them at Pawn Shops, Yellow Pages and Super Pages. One can purchase the electric guitar at Amazon, Best Buy and eBay.

Are guitars and electric guitars the same?

Well the electric guitar can be considered a subcategory of the term guitar. Guitar could refer to an acoustic guitar or an electric guitar, so guitar and electric guitar are not necessarily the same thing.

Where can you buy an adapter for an electric guitar?

Try out your local music store, odds are there they have have one for you.

How do you turn a acoustic guitar into an electric guitar?

To change an acoustic guitar into an Electric guitar, you w

What type of instrument is an electric guitar?

An electric guitar

What is the difference between an electric guitar and a air guitar?

The difference between an electric guitar and an air guitar is a electric guitar is an actual guitar and an air guitar is imaginary. An air guitar is when people pretend to play a guitar with hand movements. An electric guitar converts vibrations of its steelcorded strings into electric current. These currents then go to a amplifier to make them louder.

What is one difference between an electric lead guitar and an electric bass guitar?

An electric base guitar is usually tuned an octave lower than an electric lead guitar.

What is a good store to repair electric guitar kits?

Following Stores Are Offering a Reliable Electric Guitar Kits Repair: The Music Center West Palm Beach, Taylor Guitars, Jack Tight Electric, GC Garage.

What should you get for Christmas a 3ds or an electric guitar?

Electric guitar!!!

What is the difference between an acoustic electric guitar and a standard electric guitar?

An acoustic electric guitar differs from a standard electric guitar in the fact that a standard electric guitar depends solely on the electricity of the amplifier to convert the string vibration. An acoustic electric guitar also has also a microphone which will magnify and convert the sound.

Is there an online Guitar Store where I can compare features of different electric guitars? is probably the most comprehensive musical instrument store online. You can compare features of various electric guitars there.

Did the electric guitar come before the bass guitar?

Yes. The first electric guitar was on the market in 1932, the first electric bass guitar was on the market in 1935.

Can you use an electric guitar amp with an electric acoustic guitar?

If the electric acoustic guitar is equipped with the appropriate equipment for amplification, then the guitar is suitable for any amplifier.

What are strings on a electric guitar called?

They are called strings. Really! <a href="">My Electric Guitar build</a>

Can you use electric guitar strings on an acoustic electric guitar?


What is more valuable an electric guitar or an xbox360?

Electric guitar by far.

What country was the electric guitar invented in?

The electric guitar was invented in the USA.

Can you play Taylor swift on an electric guitar?

Why not? She has electric guitar in her music.

What is the difference between the electric and acoustic guitar and an electric guitar?

The electric makes more noise

On ibanezcom how can you buy an electric guitar?

Ibanez doesn't actually have any way for you to buy directly from them, but you can go to any other online music store, or a local store and purchase Ibanez guitar equipment.

Can you fit a bass guitar in an electric guitar case?

you can't because the neck of the bass guitar is to long for an electric guitar case.

What is the difference between electric guitar strings and hollowbody guitar strings?

electric guitar strings are simply made for the quality of the pick-ups if you put electric guitar strings on an acoustic guitar it will have a low quality sound and if you put acoustic guitar strings on an electric guitar you will be luck to get much sound at all.

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