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To keep your quilts clean and away from musty smells buy the plastic bags with a zipper or one with a small hole and cap on it and place your quilt inside, then use your vacuum cleaner and suck all the air out of it and seal it. It will be as fresh as a daisy when you take it back out. All you'll need to do is put it in the dryer to flush it up. I just sent a nice quilt to an American friend of mine in Wisconsin and I put it in a smaller box (less expensive) and put the quilt in a plastic bag with sealer, sucked the air out and sent it. My friend put it in the dryer and it puffed right up. This is also a great idea for storing wedding dresses. In Canada it can cost you $80 - $150 to have a dry cleaners do the same thing you are doing at home.

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Q: How do you store quilts?
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