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How do you stream music from your computer or DVD player to your stereo receiver?

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I am in the midst of researching how to sream music from my computer to my stereo amplifier. So far I have found out that there is a device that will do this. I have posted the following Computer Distribution Amplifier I found on the net after some effort. Hope this helps. Cheers!!! CDA-2EQA High Resolution 1x2 Distribution Amplifier

The FSR CDA-2EQA is a high resolution 1 X 2 Distribution Amplifier designed to satisfy a typical application where a local monitor and a remote display device requiring a longcable run are utilized. The remote output is equalized to maintain excellent signal integrity for even the highest video resolutions. Cable runs of up to 175' are possible with 170 MHz of full amplitude bandwidth and +/- 0.4dB flatness to a 150 MHz.

A half amplitude signal yields 270 MHz of bandwidth and +/- 0.4dB flatness to 235 MHz, nearly 16 times better than cable alone. This means that the signal that you feed into the CDA-2EQA will arrive at the far end of the cable with an almost immeasurable amount of loss and no distortion due to peaking effects. The local monitor output passes ID bits to the host computer to maintain compatibility with Mac and Windows based computers. The CDA-2EQA incorporates a mini stereo input jack on the front and a 5 position pluggable captive screw terminal on the back for balanced stereo audio output. An active audio balancing circuit ensures long, noise free stereo audio cable runs from the point of installation to the house sound system.

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