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Sorry, but there are no muscles to speak of in your ankle. If your experiencing chronic soreness, wight loss will help considerably.

Actually, there is a way. There's an excercise where you stand, point one foot out and lift it off the ground. You then point it downwards, then upwards. You repeat this as neccessary. Point, flex, point, flex. Switch to the other foot.

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Q: How do you strengthen your ankle muscles?
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How do you use the word strengthen in a sentence?

(Strengthen your muscles)

Which muscles invert the ankle?

Calf muscles.

How do you strengthen your chest muscles?

You strengthen your chest muscles by lifting weights or laying down and doing sit ups

How do you build muscle in your ankle?

The ankle does not contain any muscles. To increase the force with which you can flex or extend your foot at the ankle joint, you will need to work on your calf and shin muscles.

How does exercising strengthen muscles?

It makes your muscles strong and healthy

What antagonist muscles are involved in ankle dorsiflexion?

the antagonist in dorsiflexion at the ankle is the soleus.

What muscle is involved with ankle dorsiflexion?

Ankle dorsiflexion is when the ankle is moved back towards the body. The muscles involved in this movement is the ankle extensor.

How long does it take for legs to strengthen?

To get your legs to strengthen by running and running because this is using your muscles and that helps your legs to strengthen.

What do crunches do to your body?

Strengthen your abdominal muscles.

How does exercise strengthen muscles?

When exercise is done the muscles are broken down. The muscles are then repared back stronger.

Why do people take off their shoes in martial arts?

To avoid their feet slipping on the floor and also to avoid injuring their opponent. Practicing in bare feet also helps strengthen the foot and ankle muscles.

How long does it take for a fractured ankle bone to heal?

Most fractures take about six weeks to heal but physical therapy may be required to strengthen the muscles surrounding the area to get back to full functionality.

What exercises help the skeleton?

The key would be to strengthen muscles. Muscles support bones.

What food is to be taken to strengthen your muscles?

Pot noodles

What is soft tissuein your ankle?

The muscles, ligaments, and tendons.

What muscles are used in ankle plantar flexion?

What calf muscles invert the ankle?

Tibialis Anterior

What muscles does the ball exercise strengthen?

The exercise ball will strengthen different muscles depending on how you use it. It's probably most popular and frequently used for an abdominal work out.

Does spraining your ankle multiple times weaken your ankles or strengthen them?

Each time you sprain your ankle you pull or completely tear a ligament in your ankle. So basicaly everytime you sprain your ankle it is getting weaker and weaker each time!

What muscles make you jump?

The muscles in your leg and I hope you jump are your calf muscles. You can strengthen your calf muscles by jumping over and over again.

Do ankle weights work for improving high kicks?

No, ankle weights do not work for improving high kicks. They strengthen your legs thus making them stronger.

What muscles do the Kegel exercises strengthen?

Kegel exercises are exercises of the supporting muscles of the pelvic floor, the pubococcygeus muscles, also called the PC muscles. They are prescribed for women and men in order to strengthen their pelvic muscles (aka the pelvic floor). It involves the contracting and releasing of these pelvic floor muscles in a controlled way.

What would you concentrate on doing with a client that has scoliosis?

Strengthen weak muscles and stretch shortened muscles.

What are the flexor and extensor muscles for your leg?

Gastrocnemius and soleus muscles are very strong flexors of the ankle joint. The tibialis anterior and peroneus longus, together, are extensors of the ankle joint.

What are some good ways to strengthen my knees?

Some good ways to strengthen your knees would be to perform exercises which would strengthen the muscles around your knees. Low impact sports would help to build muscles on your knees as well.