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Sometimes rubbing the area that needs streching with alcohol while the shoe is on works. Another option. Take it to a shoe repair shop. They carry a stretcher insert that has a crank on it and will be able to stretch it a few sizes wider for you, for a small fee. This is cheaper than buying the insert. If you dont do that, soak the shoes in water for 24-48 hours. put on a pair of thick socks and wear the shoes till they dry. This will conform the leather to your feet. This is the way cowboys made their cowboy boots conform to their feet. Hope this helps!

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Q: How do you stretch the width of leather shoes?
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How do you stretch patent leather pumps?

you cant stretch patent leather shoes length ways but it is possible to stretch them width ways use a shoe stretcher and stretch very slowly in small increments otherwise you will crack the coating

How did roald dahl stretch shoes?

with leather shoes

How do i stretch leather ugg boots?

Nit-Wit, you cant stretch shoes.

How do you Stretch patent leather shoes?

Use a hair dryer.

How do you soften hard leather shoes?

You can just stretch them out. Softening the leather can be done with vegetable-oil products (as is used on saddles).

How do you stretch suede shoes?

I think you can buy a special leather stretching spray from a shoe shop, you spray it on the inside of the shoes, then wear your tehm with thick socks for a day or so to stretch them out.

Should you buy a half size smaller in leather boots because leather stretches?

No. Buy your normal size. Leather will stretch some but it stretches in width not usually in length.

Does leather STRETCH?

Yes leather does stretch, but it is not good for the material.

How do you stretch sneakers a half size?

Go to a shoe repair shop. They will stretch your shoes with shoe stretchers and/or sometimes they have a chemical that works with leather for stretching.

Does kanga lite leather stretch?

No it dos not stretch.

How much do leather shoes cost?

Expensive leather shoes used from crocodile leather is about $70 to $120. Cheaper leather shoes are $50 to $80

Can you stretch shoes?

you cant purposley stretch shoes but some shoes stretch overtime like the canvas toms and the sheepskin uggs

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