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The advice is much the same in all books and on all websites:

1. Practice the reading and listening using an exam practice book. If you have an incorrect answer, try and find out why.

2. Get a tutor to check your speaking and writing to find your mistakes and give you advice on style. Then practice as much as you can.


Mike is also a IELTS website which provides IELTS tips and material

ielts2u - an IELTS speaking and writing help site

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You want to do IELTS and you live in Karachi so where you can go for this?

you can study IELTS online for free from

Can i apply for a study visa without IELTS?

This depends on where you are planning to study and what you want to study. Most university courses require a good level of English, IELTS score 7 or higher

Do i need ielts to study masters in australia i have done my bachelors from australia?

No. You do not need an ielts to study masters in Australia, if you have done your bachelors from Australia then you are good to go.

How do get study material for IELTS exams?

There are certain websites from where you can get the free study material for IELTS, some free and some paid. If you want gain a superior level of proficiency in the English language, you can take the coaching that is paid. If you want to know more about IELTS, you can get in touch with Aptech Visa who will guide you further with the entire process.

How can you study in Ireland without IELTS Or the colleges who do not require IELTS or toefl?

There are lots of alternatives to IELTS. For example, Cambridge English exams are accepted by the UKBA and INIS (Ireland) for entry visas.

Can a foreign student study in UK within only IELTS?


Which is the best IELTS online coaching in India?

Considering the current circumstances, I would recommend you online IELTS Coaching. From my personal experience, I can recommend you IELTS Online Training from Study Smart. I had a good experience with it and can say it is the best online IELTS Coaching Classes in India .

Hard toefl or ielts?

All tests are fairly acceptable; it just depends upon the requirements of the Australian Government. Well, IELTS is harder than TOEFL. Moreover, IELTS is widely accepted in Australia and TOEFL is not accepted in most of the Australian universities. So, decide the visa you want to apply under and then decide the test you want to go forward with.

You got 4.5 IELTS band can you apply for study in any country?

in usa

Is the TOEFL compulsory for study visa Sweden?

yes toefl or ielts is compulsory

What is IELTS exam what is the purpose of it?

IELTS, the International English Language Testing System, is designed to assess the language ability of candidates who need to study or work where English is used as the language of communication. IELTS is required for entry to university in the UK and other countries.

Can you get UK visa for study without IELTS?

i got 5 ielts band 6,6 in writing n speaking 3.5 in reading 4.5 in listening can i get uk visa

Can you apply a study visa without IELTS?

i want go to canada australia or withielts plzzzzzzzzzzzz

Can you get Canada visa with a score of 5.5 bands in IELTS?

can in get the study visa in saskatchwen 5.5 bands

Is IELTS compulsory for Sweden or not?

Many students think <a href="">Is IELTS Compulsory or not?</a> yes IELTS is important.

How much IELTS score reqire to study ms in Sweden?

log on to for details regarding this issue

Is it possible to improve IELTS score by self study?

Yes, of course. Just as witheverythingelse, people can increase their knowledge by self-study. There are various courses offered to prepare for the IELTS, but they all require the active participation of students. Going to an IELTS course will not automatically improve a person's IELTS score unless you are active in your learning. Active means paying attention to what is taught, solving practice problems and improving conversation skills and listening skills. A person can easily improve an IELTS score by getting the relevant IELTS preparatory textbooks and study them. Also, simply reading English texts in order to get a "feel" for grammar and language is a way to improve the IELTS score. Grammar can be learned in the form of rules, but most people use a combination of rules and natural feeling for the language in order to distinguish between correct and wrong sentence forms. Reading comprehension is also important. Reading any English texts will help improve this. A student can read about something that interests him or her, such as articles about their favorite hobby or interest, and this will increase vocabulary and grammar skills. Writing will increase knowledge of correct spelling, conversation with native speakers will increase listening and speaking, and so on. The basic thing to remember is, self-improvement happens with self-study. Self-study is always an integral part of education, be it the IELTS or anything else. Going to an IELTS course is useful, however this will not replace the need to study on your own.

Which countries offers IELTS exam?

There are many countries who offer IELTS exam, e.g. IELTS exam in London etc.

Did ielts exam is over?

IELTS Exam is not over literally, a candidate can appear for IELTS several times but there is a limit for appearing for exams I guess.

What does IELTS means?

IELTS is International English Language Testing System

Is it possible to get admission in Finland without IELTS?

its it possible or not with out ielts to admission

Which is best coaching class for IELTS in mumbai?

There are many institutes. You need to check on the facilities they give along with their previous record. I recommend Climb First. It has a 24 hr library and study centre. The library has all kinds of IELTS books.

How can you get study visa?

Every country has different-different procedure to get the visa. Aus and Canada is asking for IELTS and in New Zealand, we have good option to get the visa without IELTS but your schooling must be English medium. For more information see related link.

What is the full meaning of IELTS?

IELTS - International English Language Testing System

Can i go to Canada for study or life?

Yes, every one go to Canada depends upon person they would like to go to Canada for study OR immigration precisest way to go to Canada give IELTS examination for both purpose, but in IELTS exam candidate must have to achieve 6.5 Bands for taking Visa of Canada.

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