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BC= negative number

AD= Positive number

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Q: How do you subtract BC and AD?
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What is BC vs AD?

BC= stands for Befor Christ(count down) AD= stands for nAnno Domini(in the year of the lord) You know when years counted down right? Well that is BC. Then AD is when the years count up. When the abbreviations are the same then subtract(-) if they are different the add(+) 500 BC And 500 AD its 1,000 years! Now do you get it? If you still dont get it.... ASK YOUR TEACHER!

How do you count BC AD?

The last date of BC was 1 BC, then the first date of AD was 1 AD, there was no zero.

Is ad older then bc?

Okay Will AD is older than BC because AD is very old not like BC

How do you compute the difference between the year BC to AD?

Add the two year values together and subtract 1, to allow for the fact that there was no year zero. So from 1 BC to 1 AD is 1 year. 1 + 1 - 1 = 1. From 10 BC to 40 AD is 49. 10 + 40 - 1 = 49.

Why BC and AD?

BC : before Christ AD : anno domino

What comes first AD or BC?

I belive that AD comes first then there are BC.

Which is later BC or AD?


Is 3000 bc closer to ad or bc?

It isn't a question of closer to ad or bc, it IS bc. 3000bc would be -3000ad.

What goes first on a timeline BC or AD?

BC comes before AD on a timeline. BC or BCE means before common era, AD means "In the year of Our Lord."BC first AD after

What is mean AD AND BC?

AD - Anno Domini BC - Before Christ

Is BC before or after AD?

BC is before AD (Before Christ) (After Death)

Which one is further in time AD and BC?

Ad because bc started after

Is AD before BC?

No, it's the other way around: BC then AD

AD and bc timeline?

BC - Before Christ AD - Anno Domini

What happened in the time period between AD and BC?

Nothing. There was no time period between BC and AD. 1 BC was followed by 1 AD. There was no year zero or any gap between BC and AD.

How many years are there between 30 BC and 30 AD and why?

58 years are between 30 BC and AD 30. The first thing you need to remember is that there is no year 0; the year before AD 1 is 1 BC. So the years between 30 BC and AD 30 are... 29 BC, 28 BC, 27 BC, ..., 2 BC, 1 BC, AD1, AD 2, ..., AD 27, AD 28, AD 29 29 BC through 1 BC is 29 years, and AD 1 through AD 29 is 29 years. 29 years + 29 years = 58 years

Which came first AD or BC?


Begin age Bc or AD?


Was the wheel invented in BC or AD?


What is older ad or bc?

BC is older.

Is 1323 in the yearof AD or BC?


Did Hadrian rule in AD or BC?


Was the Children's crusade BC or AD?


Was the spectroscope invented in AD or BC?


What you are using now BC or AD?