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Depending on the damages will depend on the court you need to contact. You will have to prove the other persons liabiltiy for the damage. You should contact your insurance agent for advice.

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Q: How do you sue someone how hit your car has no license or insurance but has given up only 100 dollars?
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What is a provisional license?

In some states a provisional license is given to new drivers, restricting them to what hours and where they can drive. A form of provisional is also given sometimes to someone who has a revoked license, allowing them to drive for working duties.

Get Your Insurance Broker License?

If you want to be more competitive in a given industry, then you should consider obtaining a license that allows you to give out insurance. For example, you may want to receive your title insurance license if you are a real estate attorney. Having this qualification will make you much more marketable when you graduate from law school. Employers will be impressed with your ability to be prepared to work at their law firm. In addition, they will be impressed that you have a skill that can make extra profits for the law firm. Always be sure to get your insurance broker license to make yourself marketable.

If you got a ticket for getting in the turn lane too soon will your insurance rate go up?

When getting a ticket, most states offer you a chance to go to court and fight the ticket so you do not get the points on your license. The points on your license is what actually raises your insurance rate. The insurance rate will go up depending on the amount of points given because of the ticket. If no points are given, your rate will stay the same.

How can you get someone's auto insurance information if they are at fault in an accident and refuse to give it to you?

Assuming there was no police report filed, you will have to do the work yourself. Get a lawyer and an investigator and file a lawsuit. Provide the information to your insurance carrier. They can normally get the insurance information from the State DMV using the license plate number of the vehicle that hit you. Keep the license plate number and call the police. The police have all the information. They can find out the information of that car instantly, given the plate number.

Which professionals does the FMLA act cover?

FMLA is a type of license and insurance for those who are in the medical profession. It basically guards them from certain malpractice claims where consent was given.

Will auto insurance provide coverage for accident when violating daytime driving restricted license?

Why would you even want to consider a question like this? If a person is restricted to driving only in the daytime that means their license is not valid after dark. If you allow someone to drive when they do not have a valid license they may not be covered, they certainly are not legally driving. Also, the driver must be listed on the policy as a driver and you have to have given the company all their information like their drivers license, date of birth, driving record, etc.

Can you hold a temporary life insurance license?

Yes, you can hold a temporary life license. In the state of Alabama, you are given a period of six months. During this time period you obtain a temporary life license and are allowed to sell life insurance products and receive commission on those sales. However, after the six month time period, you are never allowed to have another temporary license. They allow individuals six months in order to study and pass their life license test. However, this is the case for Alabama. I do not know which states offer temporary licenses and those that do not.

Can your spouse's points affect your insurance if their license is revoked due to medical reasons?

You can exclude them as a driver if they no longer have a license but be aware that if they ever drive the vehicles even for an emergency there will be no coverage at all. If their condition changes and the are given back their license you need to make sure the exclusion is taken off the policy before they drive.

What happens if two people get into an accident and one driver has a suspended license and the other driver has no auto insurance and the accident was caused by the person with no insurance?

Good luck getting any relief from the damages caused by the driver with no insurance since you were on the road without a license. Given the circumstances, you cannot file a police report. If the other driver offers cash, take it. Your insurance certainly won't pay either. I suppose you might park the remains of your car and start riding the bus or bike until your suspension ends.

Where can someone get very cheap house insurance policy?

The best way to find the cheapest home owners insurance policy is to compare rates given by different companies. Policies may have different coverage amounts.

Can a foreign national sell US renters insurance?

If the foreign national is properly licensed for a given U.S. state then he can sell renters insurance in that state. Each U.S. state has it's own licensing requirements. There is not one license for the whole country, you have to be licensed for each of the 50 states in which you want to sell insurance.

What does waiver of subrogation mean?

A waiver of subrogation in commercial insurance means that you waive the right for your insurance company to collect reimbursement from the insurance company of the other party. An example would be a subcontractor who is injured by the actions of someone in the employ of the general contractor. If a waiver of subrogation was included in the insurance policy, the subcontractor has given up the right to collect from the insurance company of the general contractor.

How do you get your flyer's license in poptropica?

You get your flyer's license when you have talked to the millionaire and he's has given you permission to ride.

Are the kids insure on car insurance?

Whose kids, what kids? If you have provided your insurance company with the driver's license information, name, birthday, and any other information for your children who live with you then yes, they will be covered on your policy. If you have not given the company this information, they will not be covered as you have committed material misrepresentation and voided the contract.

In the state of Minnesota are speeding tickets under 10 mph now reported to car insurance companies?

In most state's, there is a point system that is used to determine if your insurance rate will go up from a speeding ticket. In the state of Minnesota, they do not use the point system. They will suspend or revoke a license depending on the circumstances. All tickets that are given are on your driving record, unless it is a parking ticket or a license plate warning or something minor like that. Therefore, an insurance company will have access to that information.

Do you write the word 16 in sentence?

I had twenty dollars and spent four dollars, and was given sixteen dollars in change.

What is the meaning of GCC license?

The GCC license is a type of driver's license. This is a specialized license that is given in India so that the driver can legally drive in certain countries.

If your son was given a speeding ticket in your car will this affect your insurance rate?

So long as he continues to be a driver of your car, probably so. And if he's in your household and has a driver's license, you can't say he's not going to drive.

What do I do if my name is misspelled on Texas marriage license?

If your name is misspelled on a Texas marriage license, you will need to go to the courthouse where the license was given. They will be able to fix the mistake.

How much does a no proof of insurance ticket cost in Ontario Oregon?

well, if you didnt have insurance when you got pulled over.. in Ontario Canada its a 5000$ minimum fine (could be more depending on how the judge is feeling that day), plus a 1 year suspension of drivers license. If you DID have insurance, but just forgot to put your new insurance card in the glove box.. your in the same boat as me. When I got pulled over, I was given a slip of paper saying i was being charged with driving without insurance and had to appear in court. But no ticket on the spot. I got a ticket long ago for not having my drivers license with me, I thought this would be the same type of thing. You'd think the street cops would be able to type in your license plate and drivers license info into their computers and find out if you are insured..... but no... They don't have access to insurance companies databases! Seems strange to me. So to conclude, I need to appear in court on the date they have given me to prove that I have been insured. I suspect once I prove myself insured, i will receive a $100-$200 fine for not having the insurance card in the car when I was pulled over. Its just one of those things i guess. lol.

What punishment should one expect for a DUI misdemeanor?

If someone is charged with a DUI misdemeanor, they should expect at the least probation and a fine. Someone that was Driving Under the Influence may have their license suspended or revoked, and given a certain probation period.

If your name is on your car title and registration can the insurance for your car be under someone else's name?

Yes but the owner needs to be named and all driver info need to be given too.

Can you give me a sentence uing the word percent?

If I have ten dollars and give you five dollars, then I have given you fifty percent of my ten dollars

If you were given a driver license and it expires that month what do you do?

go get it renewd

Where was Amelia Earhart given her license to fly?

Los Angeles

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