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How do you sue the at fault driver for damages incurred in an accident on a private parking lot?

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Hire a lawyer. They know how to go about with suing everyone. I hope that you are not too badly hurt. Good luck and God Bless:)

The injured party can file suit in the appropriate state court in the county in which the person At Fault resides.

The best choice would be small claims court as the filing fees and procedures are fairly simple, this is assuming you are suing the individual and not his insurance provider.

Contact the office of the clerk of the small claims court for specific information.

2015-07-16 19:25:15
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Q: How do you sue the at fault driver for damages incurred in an accident on a private parking lot?
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Will insurance cover your damages from an accident if an unlicensed uninsured driver was in an accident on private property?

It is highly unlikely.

Private parking lot car accidents?

There are a great many different private parking lot car accidents. This is the most common type of accident in fact.

Tree falls on car in private parking lot who is responsible for car damages?

your auto insurance

Do you have to report an accident in a private parking lot?

No, although if you don't report it the insurance company typically won't pay for repairs.

Who is at fault if the person is backing into a parking spot and another person drives through and gets hit in the mid section?

In most situations, it would be the car who was driving through. However, the insinuation here is that you are in a parking lot on private proprety, in which case in most states it would be a no-fault accident, in which case both drivers would be responsible for their own damages.

Who is at fault when someone cuts across parking spots and hits someone driving down the next lane?

The person who cuts across parking spots, it's illegal. If the parking lot is private property the damage caused in an accident is a civil matter not a legal one in most cases. Traffic laws do not extend to private property.

Can a cop give you a ticket in a private parking lot for going the wrong way?

Defining private parking lot is the question here... The jurisdiction extends if the parking lot is regarded as a public access way... i.e. a mall, a hotel driveway, restaurant parking lot. A true private parking lot is a lot where access is limited by invitation or a private residence.

What are private costs?

Private costs are the expenses of a supplier or producer. They are the costs incurred in provision of services or products.

What actors and actresses appeared in Private Parking - 2008?

The cast of Private Parking - 2008 includes: Jordan Lawson as Chris

If a car is parked over the line in a space and another car hits it who's at fault?

When it comes to parking lots things get complictaed. In general Parking lots are private property, meaning that the rules of the road are not always in effect. Usually if an accident occurs and the police are called they will issue an accident report with the notation of cannot dissern fault, meaning they were not there at the time of the accident therefore they cannot tell who was at fault.

What are your rights after barely backing into a motor home on private property parked in a reg space with very minor damage?

None, private or not, fact is you hit the home and are responsible for any damages incurred to the motorhome, you were negligent in the operation of your motor vehicle. What would you "honestly say if it were your Motor home? Hmm~

Apartments parking lots considered public or private?

Apartment parking lots are generally considered reserved for the tenants. Certain spots may be designated for guest parking, but any covered stall would definitely be for a resident. Since these parking lots/spaces are on private land, they are considered just that ... private.

Is an accident on a grocery store parking a private matter or do the police need to be called?

Calling the police lets the victim file a police report to provide for both insurance and legal reasons.

Who is liable when car a leaving out of parking lot backs into car b that is behind car and car b has no insurance and no license?

Parking lot accident are the most awful claims to deal with. Unless you have witnesses or video of the accident. It is a case of he said/she said. Since all parking lot of private property, it is not a policy issue either. Most of these cases end up being a 50/50, 60/40, or 30/70 type of at fault claim. If you are ever involved in an accident in a parking lot, find witnesses and get their information! Also, check to see if there are cameras in the lot and get footage of the incident.

Are parking lots considered private property?

Yes, except free municipal parking , but they still have rights re:terms of use and resposibilities, such as maintainance. Mall parking lots belong to the mall owner, and are private property .

Is Skateboarding illegal in private parking garages?

doing anything in a private place is illegal

Can the parents of a child who was hit by a car in a private drive sue?

Yep! * Perhaps, they would be able to recover medical costs but the circumstances of the accident would determine whether or not punitive damages could be awarded.

Can you get a parking ticket on private property in Washington state?


Can my car get repossed from a private parking lot?

Yes, it can.

Is it illegal to drive a car without a license on a private parking lot?

No, if you have the owner of the parking lots permission.

How long do you have to report an accident in Toronto?

Immediately, especially when there are injuries, otherwise it is considered a hit-and run. If the accident is a fender bender on a private lot, like a parking area near a mall, you can just exchane insurance and addresses and phone numbers without getting the police involved,

Is it illegal to pull forward out of a parking spot if there is no one parked in front of you?

Is this taking place on private property parking lot (like a supermarket lot) or in a parking location on a public street? If on a private parking lot it would probably not be illegal to pull out of the spot in the manner you say, traffic laws generally do not apply on private parking lots. However, if you do it without due caution and hit someone or something you can be charged with the collision.

A city has a shortage of parking spaces for a businessShould the city build a new parking garage or leave it up to the private sector?

This city should build a new parking garage because it should not be up to the private sector to do so. Private Sector - The part of the economy that involves the transactions of individuals and businesses

Is it illegal to trespass in a hospital parking garage?

If you have no lawful reason to be there, yes. Hospital parking lots are private property.

Is a California condo parking lot considered public property?

California condo parking lots are private property.