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You can try cuting a small piece of fuel hose or something like that the size you need and then split it down the middle from end to end to make a taco shell shape and then get yourself a donaldson clamp or something like that and get yourself a self taping screw and screw it to where you want it or you can also find a heavy duty zip tie at most autopart stores and zip tie it up after you put the hose over it like a sleeve to protect it from chaffing and stuff like that hope it help. :) James.

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Does metal shrink or expand when frozen?

when metal is warm and then turns frozen it shrinks

Is ice a metal or non metal?

Ice is a non-metal. It is frozen water.

Why do water pipes burst when frozen?

Water expands when frozen, Metal contracts when frozen, somethings gotta give.

What is a Crimping Pliers?

Pliers with a special shape in the head (mine have 3 shapes) that compress a 'crimp' (a small metal tube) onto a wire.

Why can't you freeze barium?

its a metal. on earth its frozen

Are a frozen pipe or a rusted metal bike a chemical energy?

A frozen pipe is a physical change, as it is just water changing state from liquid to solid (ice). However, a rusted metal bike is a chemical reaction as it is caused by the metal reacting with the oxygen in the air, in what is called an oxidation reaction.

What does Mercury look like when it is frozen?

When frozen mercury looks like an ordinary silver-colored metal. Because frozen mercury is very cold layer of frost may form on it when it is exposed to air.

Why is a chair made of metal?

Metal is strong enough to support humans sitting on the chair.

Can you use a metal halide lamp without a ballast?

No, you can not use a metal halide lamp without a ballast.

Can you freeze and thaw metal?

"no, you can only freeze and thaw glass"Whoever wrote this answer is either trolling (for the e-naive, basically writing joke answers [that you don't actually believe or don't actually hold that opinion] to try and fool people or get a rise out of them for your own amusement) or just a total idiot.You can freeze metal. In fact just about every metal you come in contact with day-to-day, with the exception being if you have an old mercury thermometer (the "mercury" in most modern-day thermometers is not mercury at all), are already frozen.You see, a frozen substance is actually defined as being below it's melting point; in other words, solid. So with a few very strange and esoteric exceptions, anything solid is frozen. This includes the metal in your car, your kitchen utensils and pots/pans, your metal computer case, your lawnmower engine, your soda and beer cans, etc. you get the idea; the list goes on and on.When you melt something frozen, that means you turn it into a liquid, right? So if you can melt metal, that must means it starts of...you guessed...FROZEN!You can freeze metal. You simply don't need to because it's almost always frozen. We just don't think of it as 'frozen' because the word 'frozen' is an adjective derived form the verb freeze, and to freeze something it is generally understood to be a liquid. Since metal is not usually a liquid, we don't refer to it as frozen, being in its natural state. You refer to ice as frozen because usually it is in the form of liquid: water, and so being "frozen" it usually means it WAS liquid and then became a solid. This part is just semantics.So the answer is an enthusiastic "YES!", you CAN freeze metal.

Metal can be bent without breaking. It is said to bee?

A metal that can be bent without breaking and will stay bent is said to be malleable. This is one of the main properties of metals.

Why don't animal tongues stick cold metal?

If they're warm and moist they should stick to frozen metal. Why you would ask this question is the real question.

Who is the operatic metal song frozen by?

Really wouldn't consider either band to be Metal (at least, not anymore), but Within Temptation and Delain both have songs by that name.

Does Macy's have any living room couches without metal springs?

Yes they carry several sofas without metal springs.

Is iron a metalliod?

Iron is a metal and has properties of metal without being metalloid.

Can Scyther evolve without a metal coat?

No, of course not. You have to trade it with a metal coat on

Are there microwaves that you can put metal in?

No there is no microwaves that you can put metal in without it catching on fire.

Is slayer a good metal band?

slayer is a very fast thrash metal band that I thoroughly enjoy. It is very different from megadeth/metallica though. To me, its death metal without the chromatic scales, without the blastbeats, and without the growls.

How do you hang a door in metal studs?

When adding to an existing building where metal studs are being used it is best to cut-out close to a corner or vertical support. From those points a floor support joint as well as additional support can be constructed as needed.

Why sheet metal is not processed in lathe machine?

There is no way to support the sheet metal in a lathe do perform any operations on it.

Which statement correctly describes Mayan architecture?

it was created without the use of metal tools.

Why should metal pots not be stored in refrigerators?

Becuse when frozen metal tnds to distort. if you are an adult i know more then you but dont listen to me im only 12 years old

Why are metals used in construction?

Metal is strong and can provide support to roofs.

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