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How do you survive a break up?

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it always depends on the relashionship but in most casses you just have to accept the fact that its over and even if you did the impossible, if the other person dosent feel the same way then there is no point in putting yourself through any misery. and remmember that there will always be someone else and in most cases a new and improved new someone.

Surviving a break-up is the most excruciating pain any kind of person can come across. the pain of a break up is worse than drowning and having every bone in your body to be broken. surviving a break-up can be achieved, believe it or not. the longer the relationship was, the harder it will be.

Step 1- Get everything that reminds you of him out of your house, phone, etc. any txt messages or pics in your phone need to be deleted. Things such as promise rings have to be sold or put away.

Step 2- Avoid talking to him/her. If your ex is seen at the store, either run away or at maximum wave. try to avoid talking at ALL COSTS.

Step 3- If your still in school, or even worse: In one of the same classes together, ask one of the main teachers to move classes or move as far as the other side of the room will go.

***It is hard to sell a 14 year old wedding ring. trust me. i would know. i was married for 14 years and then found out that my husband, Sean, was seeing someone else. he came home to find me waiting on him. i threw my ring at him as well as the suitcase i made up for him, and shoved him out the door. For some reason, that wedding ring is always found somewhere in my home even when i throw it as far as it can go. finally i decided to sell it for $2,080. i hope it isn't found in a dumpster somewhere, or i might start to get suspicious. lol i got over him over somewhat 2 years. i still see him every now and then. just give him the evil eye and keep walking. i saw him walking in the store with his fiance (from rumors). i just smiled with an evil eye and walked away. I LAUGHED SO HARD I ALMOST CRIED!!! you will get over them sooner or later just follow the simple three steps above. And by the way....


2011-09-12 22:16:41
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