How do you survive the haunted house in Neopets?

The solution is that if you do not talk to the woman, and read the book on History in the cellar, you cannot choose "Shine your torch" at step 14 below. The boldface lines are required choices (as are some others). You get two chances to enter the cellar, but only one to talk to the woman.

Walkthrough :

  1. Choose: Continue down road.
  2. Choose: Stay in Car.
  3. Choose: Run from the car in terror.
  4. Choose: Continue along the path, avoiding the old house.
  5. Choose: Keep Asking Questions.
  6. Choose: Head up to the house to look for the woman's baby.
  7. Choose: Investigate the noise in the bushes.
  8. Choose: Descend the steps into the dark cellar.
  9. Choose: Try to break down the boards.
  10. Choose: Read the book on history.
  11. Choose: Run back up the stairs.
  12. Choose: Continue along the corridor. (2nd chance at cellar)
  13. Choose: Continue.
  14. Choose: Shine your torch in his face
  15. Choose: Run down the right corridor