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There is no cheap and easy way to make this swap, aside from finding a donor car for parts. And why would you install a 305? If you are going to do it, install a 350. Way better and more powerful engine than the 305. If the 305 will fit then the 350 will fit. You can buy a brand new, (Not Rebuilt), 350 for less than $2,000 with a 3/36 warranty.


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the 5th character in your VIN is the key to your answer. "M" = 200ci-V6 chevy, "A" = 231ci V6 Buick, "J" = 267ci V8 Chevy, "G" = 305ci Chevy with 2 bbl carb, "H" = 305ci Chevy with 4 bbl Carb, "L" = 350ci Chevy with 4 bbl carb

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