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you have to remove the panel above the wipers from outside the car ..once removed you can acess 3 bolts (you have to feel by hand) undo these also in the car the are 3 one each side and one in the middle under where the stero fits

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โˆ™ 2008-04-26 16:53:19
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Q: How do you take a dashboard out of a vauxhall corsa 2000 old shape?
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Does a 2000 Vauxhall corsa have carburetor?

No! It has fuel injection.

When and where were the first Vauxhall Corsa models sold?

The Vauxhall Corsa is the name for the car exclusive to the United Kingdom. It is known by the name Opel Corsa in the rest of Europe. The Opel Corsa was first producted in 1982 in Spain but the Vauxhall Corsa didn't hit British soil until the year 2000.

Does a 2000 vauxhall corsa 1.2 GLS have a timing belt or chain?

timing belt

Prices clutch vauxhall corsa 2000?

if its a corsa b between 60 and 120 euro on e bay depending on type and size

What size tires should a 2000 Vauxhall corsa 1.2 16v Club have?


Where is the brake fluid in an Vauxhall corsa?

On the Corsa C model (2000-2006) it's located to the right-hand side of the windscreen washer reservoir, under a flap.

Does corsa 1.2 v reg 2000 model have cambelt or chain?

I believe that the 1.2 Corsa engine swapped to a chain driven cam with the move to the 'latest shape' cars - usually Y registration and onwards. A 2000 Corsa is the previous model and will, I reckon, have the belt driven cam. So, it's 4year/40,000 mile belt changes under vauxhall's latest recommendations.

What oil should you put in a 2000 vauxhall corsa 1.2 sxi?

15w/40 Castrol Magnatec is best

Does fan belt also drive powersteering for vauxhall corsa?

Depends what year it is..2000 up have electronic power steering

What is the correct tire size for a 2000 reg vauxhall corsa envoy 973cc?

The most common tyre size is 185/55 R15 88H.

How do you reset dashboard codes for 2000 Cadillac sts?

How do you reset dashboard codes for 2000 Cadillac STS?

When did the corsa change from b to c?


Can a dashboard pop-up be repaired 2000 Deville?

We have a 2000 deville and the dashboard is lifting on both sides. My wife is bugging me on this.

How do you remove the front bumper of a Vauxhall vectra 2000?

how do i change the front bumper on my 1999 vauxhall vetra

When the dashboard lights fail on the 2000 Vauxhall Vectra and all the fuses appear ok what is the problem and if its the lightbulb how do you get at it to change it?

the most common problem with this is that the customer has the dimmer turned down (located below the headlight switch)

Where is the ecu fuse on a vauxhall zafira 1.6 year 2000?

The ECU fuse on a 2000 Vauxhall Zafira 1.6 is located in the power distribution box. It is a 20 amp fuse.

How do you enter Vauxhall Vectra CD Player code?

how do i enter my code for my cd player in my vauxhall vactra cd 2000?

Where is the ashtray in a 2000 civic?

on the dashboard where the screen is.

Where is the assembly plant for the Vauxhall Agila?

The Vauxhall Agila is a car that was produced between the years of 2000-2007. The assembly plant where Vauxhall Agila cars were produced exists in Gliwice, Poland.

What mark is a 2000 Vauxhall astra?

ita a mark 4

How do you replace dashboard light on 2001 Nissan Pathfinder?

How do you replace dashboard light on 2000 Nissan almera

What oil do you use for 1.0l engine?

Depends on which 1.0l engine you mean. For a 1993 to 2000 Vauxhall/Opel Corsa (the A and B models) you use 10w40 semi synthetic, it takes about 3.2 litres. For the later models (C and D) I think you're looking at 5w30.

Where is the temp sender unit on a 1600 vauxhall astra reg 2000?

The temperature sending unit on a 1600 Vauxhall Astra REG 2000 is on the backside of the motor. It is found just above the oil pan.

On an 2000 mercury cougar what does the warning lights on the dashboard mean?

I have what looks like a battery light on my dashboard. What does this mean?

Vauxhall frontera 2000 3.2 when cambelt change?

80,000 miles.

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