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A:Normally a camera will have options of selecting image size in MPs (10MP, 5MP etc.). That is the count of total pixels in the resulting image and is normally termed as resolution. Actual image size in inches (for lab quality print at 300DPI) is approx. 8"x10" for 7MP resolution. One should take photos at highest resolution possible. These can always be downsized if required, but upsizing of smaller resolution image) won't be that effective. A:Depends on your camera, but using the different features like fine, auto, compact, will all change the size. You can also just simply open a digital photo in Adobe Photoshop and resize to any size. One more option is to open it on your computer (if you use WindowsXP) and go to print and it will resize it for you.

That is best done is photo software, such as Photoshop or GIMP. You can set your particular image size. In your camera, you should use the max settings, since that image is basically your "negative."


You can do many tricks with digital images but the one thing you can't do is add resolution to a photograph after it has been taken. This is the main thing you have to make sure is right beforeyou take the next photograph with your digital camera.


Print size: 6" x 4" or 7" x 5"

Digital image: 1800 x 1200 to 2100 x 1500 (2.2 mega-pixels to 3.2 mega-pixels)

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Q: How do you take a digital photo with a specific size and resolution?
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How can you calculate the resolution?

divide size in pixels with size in inches for width or height of photo and you will get resolution

How do you take digital photos with specific size and resolution?

Hopefully your camera has a setting to adjust your picture quality or resolution. If not, you will have to use image editing software to correct the pictures.

What is the relationship between resolution and file size?

The larger the resolution, the larger the file size. When you compress a photo, chances are you are going to lose a lot of information from the photo that degrades picture quality.

How do you convert photo into less than 10kb size?

Reduce the resolution.

What is the size of ticket size photo?

Stamp Size Photo Size(Dimensions) in cm: 2cm x 2.5cm Stamp Size Photo Size(Dimensions) in Pixels: 236 x 295 pixels Stamp Size Photo Size(Dimensions) in Inches: 0.787402 inches x 0.984252 inches Stamp Size Photo Size(Dimensions) in mm: 20mm x 25mm Stamp Size Photo Resolution: 236 x 295 pixels (290 dpi)

How do you reduce MB from any photos?

Using a photo editor, reduce both the size and resolution. A web-ready photo does not need to be at highest resolution; it should also be under 50k in size. There are many free photo editors online, plus Windows might come with a free editor.

How to convert high resolution photo to low?

Use the Image Size command in Photoshop.

How can one prevent digital image quality from degrading while doing photo resizing?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to "add resolution" to a low resolution image to get a high quality high resolution image. You might get slightly better results by making sure the bigger size is some multiple (2 or 3 times as big, for example) of the original size, but there is not very much that can be done.

What is the largest digital photo frame available?

The largest digital frame available is 32". This size digital frame can be purchased at several leading digital frame online retailers.

How does the number of pixels in a photo relate to the size of a photograph?

The higher the pixels the higher the quality so the larger the photo will be to accommodate the high resolution

How does the number of pixels in a photo relate to the size of the photograph?

The higher the pixels the higher the quality so the larger the photo will be to accommodate the high resolution

How do you resize photo for printing?

As usual, Image > Image Size but pay attention on image resolution.

How do you convert high resolution picture to low resolution picture?

To convert high resolution photos to a lower resolution:Open the photo for display.Right mouse click on photo. (I have my photo editor set as the standard Microsoft Office Picture Manager, but many other photo display programs also work.)Select edit.Select Re-size, choose desired size, saveFile Save as...

What must your resolution be to enlarge an image to poster size or larger?

Changing resolution you will change print size of photo or both print size and pixel dimensions. This depend what resolution you need. Example: if you have 400x200 px image with 300 resolution (1.3 inch wide printable dimension) changing resolution to 72 px per inch you can get 1600x800px image with 5.2 inch wide printable dimension.

Where can one buy a digital 8 photo frame?

You can purchase any size digital photo frame including the 8" at Amazon, Bed Bath and Beyond, Best Buy, Ebay, Walmart, Meijer, Toysrus and Staples.

What is the difference between high resolution and low resolution in pictures?

If an image or photo is looked at under a microscope you will see tiny dots of color. High Resolution means the photo/image has more dpi "dots per inch", and the photo or image can be decreased to any appropriate size, and the image/photo will still look exactly the same without the photo/image looking too pixelated, and fuzzy. Low Resolution mean the photo/image has a lower dpi "dots per inch". Because of space, and time most images on the web are at 72 dpi. Having a lower resolution means less download time for smaller photo/images. While high Resolution photos/images are LARGER, and takes a longer time to download. Tip: Most photos/images CAN NOT be increased in size beyond 121% without losing resolution, and risk becoming pixelated, and fuzzy.

How many photo fit on a 2 gb memory SD card?

depends on the size of the pic. and the resolution. i can get about 300 or so on a 1gb memory card with my camera, on superfine resolution.

Is 600 dpi photo quality?

First of all DPI stands for Dots Per Inch which is more often assocated with the resolution that a printer can print at. When refering to digital cameras DPI is also a measurement of resolution. However, when discussing resolution, often times the better the resolution is the better the picture will turn out. The only problem with having a high resolution camera is that if the printer that is used to print off can't print at the same resolution that the camera took the picture at, the quality of the picture won't be as good. If you are going to look at buying a digital camera the better measure of resolution and quality is usually megapixels. It depends on what you are using the term to describe. The term photo quality really does not have a specific definition. Exact usage is dependent on the user or equipment manufacturer. Many scanner manufacturers describe a scanner setting of 300dpi as photo quality because they say that higher settings do not enhance the quality of the resulting scanned image when stored as a .jpg image (the most common consumer picture format). Others describe 600dpi scanning as photo quality when scanning photo negatives. Printer manufacturers describe various print resolutions as photo quality depending on when the description was written. These have included resolutions of 600dpi in the past. Many color inkjet printers tout print capabilities of over 4000dpi. Laser jet rprint resolutions seem to have a baseline of 600dpi. The subjective quality of a printed photo will depend on the technology (laserjet, inkjet, dye sublimation,etc) and quality of the printer. Photo Quality depends both on the input source (scanned photo, scanned photo negative, etc) and the output source (computer screen, printed digital photo, etc). When using computer screens, IPODs, and digital picture frames you are using a limited number of pixels up to a bout 2 megapixels on the larger computer screeens and much less on IPODs (because of the screen size), so higher resolution will gain you nothing. For most consumer usage, scans and prints of photos made at 600dpi resolutions will be more than adequate.

What sizes are Sony Digital Photo Frames available in?

The sizes of digital photo frames from Sony range from 17.8cm, 7 inches, 8 inches, 9 inches, to 10.2 inches. The most common size appears to be 8 inches.

What is a 4 by 6 in digital photograph?

It is the size of the photo when printed onto paper 4 inches by 6 inches.

How do you convert the photo into lessthan 10kb size?

First You open your photo in image ready software then you reduce your size as you want and then save this photo with save optimized as option and check the size of photo. In this way you reduce your size of photo with particular way. If the size is not convert as your want you reduce the image size again and again save this photo with save optimized option. In this way you will surely convert in specific size.Note : The save optimized option is available in File Menu.

Will Photoshop elements reduce photo file size?

Yes it can assist in making file sizes smaller - However, you will need to work with the meta files, resolution (the bigger resolution the bigger the file size) and look at the amount of layers that are in use

How many photos can a digital camera take?

It depends on the size and resolution of the images, as well as the storage capacity of the memory card.

What is the photo size 3.5cm 4.5cm in piexels?

That depend on resolution. Open image in Photoshop and go to Image > Image Size. Pixel dimensions you can see on the top of Image Size window.

Where can you find a photo resizer?

If you are looking for information on how to re size your photograph, there are many places that will show you how. Some popular sites include: Wikihow, Digital Photo Secrets and Flickr.