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How do you take a hard drive out of a computer with Windows 98 and put it in a computer with Windows XP?

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The hard drive is actually where windows 98, or windows xp pro, or whatever other programs are stored. If your goal is to take the "win 98" hard drive and run it as a secondary hard drive in the "win xp pro" computer, here is how to do it:1.) unplug your "win 98" computer and remove the casing2.) disconnect the power wires and the flat IDE cable from the hard drive3.) remove the hard drive4.) repeat steps 1 thru 3 with the "win xp pro" computer5.) make sure the jumper settings on the "win 98" hard drive are set to slave and the jumper settings for the "win xp pro" hard drive are set to master. The jumper settings should be listed on the hard drive. if they are not, they cound be found on the homepage of the brand of hard drive.6.) while the hard drives are out, take notice of the amount of cylinders(cyl.), heads(hds), etc., because you will need this information to set up the drive. these should also be listed on the drive, and once again, if they're not there, you can find them on the brands homepage.7.) mount both hard drives in the "win xp pro" computer8.) connect the flat IDE cable so that the "win xp pro" hard drive is connected to the IDE cable on the first slot. (the first slot if you follow the IDE cable from the motherboard to the other end) Make sure that the side of the cable with the red stripe is on the side of the hard drive with the pin marked 1.9.) repeat step 7 with the "win 98" hard drive. use the other slot on the same IDE cable.10.) connect the power wires to both hard drives.11.) replace casing, connect power cord, and turn on.12.) as computer loads it will read "press DEL to enter setup", when it says this, press DEL13.) If on the main menu, if there is a choice to auto-scan for hard drives, use it, save your changes and exit. if there is no auto-scan, you will have to set the drives up manually. to do this, click on "advanced BIOS setup"(I'm not sure if that's exactly what it reads, but its something close to that), enter the numbers from step 6 (cyl, hds, etc..), save changes and exit.\

After these steps are complete, your computer should boot up running windows xp pro, and your windows 98 hard drive should show up as drive d:\

2011-09-12 22:18:31
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Why does computer take several hours to boot windows OS?

the only logical choice is: Your computer detect a trouble maybe on MEMORY or HARD DISK DRIVE.

Your computer broke down how do you get everything back?

If you can, open up your computer and take the hard drive out. I would then take it to a computer store and have them transfer the data (If possible) to another hard drive.

Where is the memory stored in the computer?

in your hard drive, just dismantle your computer and take out the hard disk

Can you use hard drive with terabyte memory on standard computers?

If it is an external hard drive, then the computer should be able to take it. However, if it is an internal hard drive, you will have to check the system requirements of your computer.

Why does downloading slow your computer down?

Downloading slows your computer down, because it is taking it a large size of your hard drive if you take lots of space on your hard drive it will make your computer a longer time to "find" something on the hard drive.

How do you partition drive to have XP and Windows 7 on it?

When you are getting ready to install the OS, either Windows 7 or Windows XP. It has an option to Format or Partition a hard drive. If you use the partition function you can decide how much you want to take out of the hard drive storage.

How much hard drive space does it take to install Windows 7 with a 32 bit processor?

The 32-bit version of Windows 7 requires 16GB of free space on your hard-drive.

How much space on the had drive does it take to install windows vista?

A 20GB hard drive with at least 15GB free space.

How do you remove a virus without switching on the computer?

you take out the hard drive and clear it

How much space on the hard drive does it take to install windows vista?

at least 15 gb

You got a computer from a friend who needs it cleaned out it has bad viruses and screen blurs to where its hard to see anything yet your trying to clean out the whole hard drive how do you do it?

Without being there to see the condition of the computer, it sounds like their computer is in need of a hard drive reformat and a fresh reinstallation of Microsoft Windows (assuming that is the operating system they are using). If your friend really wants to clean out the WHOLE hard drive, this would be the best option, but it would require them to back up all their valuable information and reinstall all their software again after the had drive is wiped clean. Take the hard drive out of your friend's computer and set it up in your computer as a secondary hard drive. Back up all the files that they want saved, to your hard drive, or to blank discs. Then put the hard drive back into their computer and insert their original operating system install disc and restart the computer. Once the computer restarts, it should automatically go to the Windows install screen (blue screen with grey text on it) where you can choose to reformat (totally erase) the entire hard drive and install a fresh copy of Microsoft Windows. This will return their computer back to factory condition as it was when they first bought it. Then copy all the backed up files onto the computer and re-install all their previous software and they'll be good to go. Note: You should read up on how to reinstall Microsoft Windows before attempting this as it can get fairly complicated if you don't know what you are doing. There are plenty of online walkthroughs for how to reformat your computer (just search Google) where they provide very detailed steps and pictures to help you. There are software programs that allow you to make an exact image of your hard drive to recopy back onto a reformated hard drive (Norton Ghost for example). However, if you are having trouble seeing the screen, then this might not be an option. Finally, you could tell them to take it to a computer store where trained technicians can do this for a reasonable fee. Good Luck!

You bought a new computer with Vista pre-installed you were not happy with Vista so you bought a new hard drive and installed Windows XP Pro on it Now your computer will no longer go on standby?

Sounds like a problem with Windows XP. What you should have tried to do is take the original hard drive, put in the xp install disk, to the install, choose to format the hard drive, and then continue with the XP install. BTW: XP > Vista. Linux > XP. You should install Linux, instead of XP.

What would I need an external hard drive for?

There are many benefits of having an external hard drive. One of the best parts of an external hard drive is that you can take your personal files anywhere. This means that you can plug your hard drive into any computer, and see your stuff.

A virus has attacked your hard drive and now when you start Windows instead of seeing a Windows desktop the system freezes and you see a blue screen of death an error message on a blue background?

The best way to handle this is to restore your computer to its original manufacturer's settings. This will take your computer to an out of box state.

How does one recycle an external hard drive?

To recycle an external hard drive you must take the hard drive to an appropriate site. Certain businesses such as computer stores will offer services to destroy and dispose of the hard drives for a small fee.

If you have a new Windows XP computer and an old one had Windows 95 can you take the old hard drive and install it in the new computer so you may use the programs on that drive?

While you can certainly physically install the drive (providing your computer still has an IDE controller), you are unlikely to be able to run most of the programs on the drive. Most Windows applications write data to a special database called the "Windows Registry". Since Windows 95 will not actually be running, the applications will not be able to access their registry settings, and most will fail to work. Applications that store their data in an .ini file in their program directory (mostly applications from Windows 3.1 and prior) should still work.

How much space on the hard drive does it take to install a 32-bit version of Windows 7?


Can any one help you i want to install a 80 G hard drive with windows xp into your IBM computer but you cant get it to boot up can anybody tell how to sovle thisit wont boot up not sure what you have?

Make sure hard drive is connected and configured correctly in the bios as the Master drive. If the hard drive came from another computer, which i expect it probably did you will have to find a Windows XP disc, Serial Number and Install a clean version of XP on it. When you take a drive from another machine it won't work because the drivers that have been installed from the previous hardware are still present and there is no drivers for the new hardware as you didn't install the OS on the drive connected to that hardware.

Do I need a professional to do a data recovery on my hard drive?

If you can't get into you computer then you are going to have to take it to a professional. The professional will be able to use their tools and resources to get into your hard drive and make a copy of it for you.

How do you take your hard drive from your laptop to a new laptop?

throw your computer at the wall (Very hard), Then your hard drive will just magically fall out. Then, you get your new computer, throw that at the wall also, the your old hardrive will fallout and insert the one you took from the computer. now you have a new harddrive in your new computer! Except you will have a giant crack on your screen....

What is a Good computer for games?

AlienWare, and Macintosh computers have great specs for gaming. But if you want a standard "cheap" PC gaming computer, you want a PC with Windows XP, or Windows 7, a high end ATI, or nVidia graphics/video card, and at least 2GB of RAM for Windows XP based PC's, and at least 4GB of RAM for Windows 7 based PC's. If you want a gaming computer to run lots of games, your going to want a HUGE hard drive, but the side of your hard drive is your choice. (The Windows XP operating system takes up around 1.5-3GB total, and Windows 7 can take between 8-15GB depending on what version your using.)

Emachine computer glitched during a power outage now windows won't load. Is there a way to pull files off of that computer Perhaps a USB to USB from other computer as if from external hard drive?

Dependably, there are quite a few ways to do this: Boot into another operating system live, such as 'Ubuntu', and start to pull the information off onto a USB device. Any Linux OS's are free to download and use. Another great way is to take the hard drive out of your computer, and put it into another computer with a main hard drive already in it; this way you can just put the files onto the other hard drive, or another USB device. Either way it may take a little research on your part, but this is a fairly common issue, and is not that hard to solve Cheers, Frances

How do you do a clean install for Windows XP?

First, back up all your data on to an external hard drive or DVDs, or transfer it to another computer with a flash drive or over the internet. Make sure that everything you want is off the hard drive, then restart your computer. Before the Windows XP screen comes up, it will probably say, "Press delete to enter setup". Press delete when this comes up, and reconfigure your boot devices so that your CD drive is #1. Then, exit and save changes, and put your Windows XP CD into your CD drive, and it will come up, saying, "Press any key to continue". Press a key, and your installation will begin. When the setup begins, it will ask you to format your hard drive. If you know that your disc is fine, do the quick format (using NTFS). This is if you know your hard drive doesn't have any errors. However, if it is a new drive, do the normal format (NTFS). This might take a while, depending on how big your hard drive is. After its done formatting, it will guide you through the XP Setup. Once you are done that, your hard drive will be perfectly clean and XP will be installed.

What happens if you disconnect the power supply cord to the hard drive?

If you disconnect the power cord to the hard drive, when you turn the computer back on, the hard drive will not be operational. Additionally, if you leave the IDE (or SATA) cable connected when the power cable is disconnected, the system will take longer to POST because it will try to identify the device connected, but it will not be able to. If it is the only hard drive you have in your system, the computer won't boot up because your operating system is on the hard drive.

How do you remove hard drive from PC?

Take the case off of the computer and then look for the hard drive. These are easily distinguishable apart from other parts of the computer because they look so different. In a typical computer the hard drive will be in the drive bays, under the CD/DVD drives. Make sure that there is NO power running to your computer (pull the plug) and then pull the two cables connected to the hard drive. Before you go in a grab the hard drive make sure that you don't fry it by holding onto the case to the computer or using a PD bracelet. When you're looking for a place for the hard drive make sure that you set it somewhere hard, flat, and a place where it won't fall and break and nothing will get spilled on it. Also, make sure that you set the HDD on an anti-static bag. -XombieJer