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How do you take a hard drive out of a computer with Windows 98 and put it in a computer with Windows XP?

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September 12, 2011 10:18PM

The hard drive is actually where windows 98, or windows xp pro, or whatever other programs are stored. If your goal is to take the "win 98" hard drive and run it as a secondary hard drive in the "win xp pro" computer, here is how to do it:1.) unplug your "win 98" computer and remove the casing2.) disconnect the power wires and the flat IDE cable from the hard drive3.) remove the hard drive4.) repeat steps 1 thru 3 with the "win xp pro" computer5.) make sure the jumper settings on the "win 98" hard drive are set to slave and the jumper settings for the "win xp pro" hard drive are set to master. The jumper settings should be listed on the hard drive. if they are not, they cound be found on the homepage of the brand of hard drive.6.) while the hard drives are out, take notice of the amount of cylinders(cyl.), heads(hds), etc., because you will need this information to set up the drive. these should also be listed on the drive, and once again, if they're not there, you can find them on the brands homepage.7.) mount both hard drives in the "win xp pro" computer8.) connect the flat IDE cable so that the "win xp pro" hard drive is connected to the IDE cable on the first slot. (the first slot if you follow the IDE cable from the motherboard to the other end) Make sure that the side of the cable with the red stripe is on the side of the hard drive with the pin marked 1.9.) repeat step 7 with the "win 98" hard drive. use the other slot on the same IDE cable.10.) connect the power wires to both hard drives.11.) replace casing, connect power cord, and turn on.12.) as computer loads it will read "press DEL to enter setup", when it says this, press DEL13.) If on the main menu, if there is a choice to auto-scan for hard drives, use it, save your changes and exit. if there is no auto-scan, you will have to set the drives up manually. to do this, click on "advanced BIOS setup"(I'm not sure if that's exactly what it reads, but its something close to that), enter the numbers from step 6 (cyl, hds, etc..), save changes and exit.\

After these steps are complete, your computer should boot up running windows xp pro, and your windows 98 hard drive should show up as drive d:\