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How do you take a house front door lock apart?

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How do you get a stuck key out of your front door of your house?

spray with WD40 if that doesn't help replace the door lock

How do you get super glue out of a house front door lock?

Use fingernail polish remover. Pour some in and let set, it will disolve it.

Cant lock driver door Ford Transit 2002 every door locks apart fron driver door with remote lock with key then you can dead lock it?

that is the way it was designed,it is a safety feature so ou can not lock keys in vehicle

How do you open a clo se front door?

Insert key in the door lock and turn to unlock the door.

What is the cost to change house lock when forget key?

The cost to change the locking in the door of your house will cost approximately $100. The cost is dependent upon the type of door lock.

Take apart a door lock for a house?

If you have taken the lock off the door, then you need to be very careful about opening the lock, there are springs in there, and if they fall out you won't know where they came from, and if you don't know that, you won't be able to put them back correctly. Try consulting a source like The Readers' Digest Household Repairs book.

What is the key for in the haunted house on Poptropica?

There is a lock on the basement door.

How do you put a house door lock back together a diagram would help?

i need a diagram to put an amerock door lock back together

How do you report in writing when a house door latch is stucked?

"My lock is stuck"?

Where can you find info on how to replace the drivers side front door actuator on a 1998 Honda Civic if it won't lock sometimes?

You have to lift the handle before you lock the door.

What is the price of a door lock actuator on a 2004 Jeep Cherokee?

Via the Autozone website, it depends. There are three:Dorman/Door Lock Actuator, Part Number: 746-260, Trunk lock actuator; Tailgate $89.99Dorman/Door Lock Actuator, Part Number: 931-002, Door lock actuator; Front - Passenger side $125.99Dorman/Door Lock Actuator, Part Number: 931-001, Door lock actuator; Front - Driver side $114.99You may be able to locate cheaper parts at a local parts salvage yard. The reliability of such will not be warrantied however.

How do you make a house burglar proof?

Instal a burglar alarm Use a yale and mortise lock on your front door. Use multi locking on side & rear doors Fit window locks Use special locks to prevent your patio doors from being levered Lock your shed and garage Get a security light Cut back overgrown bushes and trees in the front garden to make sure the front of the house can be seen from the road - the majority of burglaries in the US happen by the thieves gaining access through the front door

What is the meaning of lock on the door has changed?

It means, Your ex boy or girl friend, no longer wants you in there life, therefore has changed the lock on their door, not letting you into their lives, or house.

What did Heathcliff do as soon as the women entered his house?

He lock the door and held them captive

House door lock has a broken mechanism and wont open?

Call a locksmith.

How do you fix a stiff front door lock?

try squirting dry graphite into the lock cylinder (not wd-40 or any liquid)

Does anyone have a diagram for the door lock assembly for a 99 Mercury Mountaineer front driver door lock?

You can get a diagram for the door lock assembly in the Haynes 99 Mercury Mountaineer Repair Manual. The book is available at most auto parts and major book stores.

Can I fix the lock on my Ford Escape?

After searching on the internet, there is no recall issue for the 2004 Ford Escape concerning the back door lock. The lock can be fixed by taking apart the lock manually or brought to the garage for repairs.

What should you do if your wife change the lock on the door?

If the house is in your name or it is joined then you will have to report to the police, and make her open the lock in their presence.

1996 grand Cherokeee Laredo the passenger front door lock does not lock when you use the remote door lock any clues on what to check to find the problem?

It is probably a bad power lock actuator. it is inside the door, before removing it make sure that when the button is pressed there is power to the wire connector, if not check for cracked or broken wires leading into the door.

How do you fix auto door locks on 99 suburban Front doors work back don't When you push unlock button the back door locks move but don't quite lock or unlock Help?

I have a similar problem, My drivers side front and back work fine, it's my right side front and back that move but don't quit lock or unlock. Each door has a motor that operates the door lock mechanism when the door lock button or the remote lock button is pushed. If the door lock moves a little but not enough to lock or unlock the door, then either the motor is not working fully or it is partially jammed, or the door lock mechanism is binding and the motor can't move it fully. Remove the door lock trim panel and check all the components involved in the door lock process until you find the problem. I had the same problem in my 1999 Sub. The factory uses rivits to hold the door lock actuators in place. Over many uses the rivits elongate and the actuator travel is not enough to over come the longer distance. Try replacing the rivits with short screws. Short so they do not interfear with other stuff that moves in the door.

Is it difficult to take apart the door lock on a Ford Mustang?

What Year? The fox body mustang locks are easy to change. Take the interior door panel off and on the back side of the lock you have to disconect the linkage from it. Then there is a clip holding it to the door. Just pull that clip off and the lock will pull straight out.

How do you operate a 1991 Cadillac Sedan Deville 4.9 liter factory alarm system without the remote?

To enter a locked 1991 cadillac without a remote, simply use the key to unlock either front door lock. If all is working properly, the system will disarm. Arm /Disarm switches are integral with the front door lock cylinder and interior door lock switches. The system will automatically arm when using the inside electric door lock switch to lock all the doors.

1996 Chevy Suburban rear door lock will not open?

The rear door lock on a 1996 Chevy Suburban will not open if the mechanism has become jammed or the child lock switch has been flipped. If the child lock has been engaged, they must be unlocked from the front first.

Door lock will not lock?

There are a number of reasons why your door might not lock. You could have something stuck in the door for example.