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How do you take a picture on your PC?

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you need to have a video cam preferably by logitech

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How do you turn on your Eee PC webcam?

click on take picture

Why does Erika ask you to take a picture in Pokemon Soulsilver?

You can if you want to put it in your photo album. it is in your pc.

What is PC for PC?

Picture Comment for Picture Comment. On Myspace, it means that if you leave them a comment, they'll leave you one.

How do you take a team picture on Sims 2 PC?

You can't without sims 2 university, university allows you to have the camera.

How do you add picture as a screensaver on PC?

if you have PC then prees the right button of mouse click go to screensavar ,choose my picture slide show,browse where ur picture is stored and apply then ok

Whats the difference between upload and download?

Upload is when you put some of your stuff like music files or picture files from your PC to the internet, while dowload is when you take files from the internet and download into your PC.

How do you download PSP wallpaper from my PC to my PSP with?

you just have to go in pictures on your PC connect your psp to youre PC go on your psp in picture and copy it from the PC to the psp

Which is right you didn't took a picture or i didn't take a picture?

i didn't take a picture

What does PC mean in veterinary medicine?

it means PiCture time

How do you put a picture as a background on the PC?

When you're viewing a picture on a webpage, right click and go to "Set As Background".

How do you take a picture in GarageBand?

---- ANSWER IS:You can't take a picture in Garage Band.

What do you do after you take the picture of the lochness monster on poptropica?

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How do you delete a picture on a computer?

you open your PC and cut the red wire

How do you send a picture to a cell phone from PC?

You can email it to yourself and download it to your PC from your email. You can also plug your phone into your PC via USB and drag and drop the photos.

How do you take a picture?

Click the picture button

When was Take a Picture created?

Take a Picture was created on 1999-11-16.

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Big Boom and Too throwed have a song called take a picture of me i look good,somebody take a picture of me take a picture of me i look good,my outfit look good on me huh Big Boom and Too throwed have a song called take a picture of me i look good,somebody take a picture of me take a picture of me i look good,my outfit look good on me huh

If the picture freezes on your computer monitor whats the first thing you do?

reset the PC :)

Why is your PC stay running and show no picture?

Your monitor is broken or not connected properly.

How do you change the background on an Asus Eee PC 10.1?

you click on the picture and set it

Were is the picture when you take a picture of desktop?

It's on your desktop.

What are the 6 ways to whack your PC in the game whack your PC?

the telephone the PC 1 of the cupboards doors on both cupboards on the floor the fish bowl a piece on the big picture near the woman

How do you take a photo of the phone?

Stand in front of the mirror.Holding the phone,take a picture of yourself holding the phone. Take another phone and take a picture of the phone.Afterwards,send the picture from the other phone to the phone.

How do you add a website in a picture?

??? Did you mean: How do you add a Picture in a Website? or How do I take a Picture of a website?

What can you do when a PC game pauses and looses it's picture when playing it?

What you do is close the screen (minimize) it