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All children lie. Even we did growing up. They were usually called, "white lies." If your kids are in their teens and constantly lying this is a more serious problem. People who lie lack self confidence, feel they must appear more important, etc., to their peers. They have extremely low self esteem. You would have to make a good attempt at having a one-on-one talk with your teen to find out why they have to lie about things. Parents have to teach their children CONSEQUENCES of lying. For example: If someone broke a vase in the house, and you knew it was your child or one of the children and they lied about it and you discovered they did, then it's a good idea to #1 Get them to do chores around the house to make up for buying a new one #2 Giving up any allowance they may have to pay for that item (within reason) or #3 Don't let them do something they enjoy doing as a punishment. They will get angry and complain and probably drive you crazy, but hold fast and don't give in! There is always consequences for lying. Sit down with your child and tell them "the truth always comes out" and if you don't tell the truth people won't respect you and they could well lose friends over it. Especially young children don't like other children that lie. It's tough to gauge which is "growing pains" re lying or what is a habitual liar. If it continues even after you've tried the above then seek out counseling. Good luck Marcy

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Q: How do you take a positive approach to get children to stop habitually lying?
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