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How do you take a pregnancy test?


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2015-08-29 20:09:15
2015-08-29 20:09:15

There will be instuctions in any pregnancy test package you buy. Follow the directions for the test you buy.

It depends on the test. If you take a urine hpt....usually you can either urinate on the test strip or you take a sample of your urine and then dip the stick into it. Follow the instructions.
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no you do not have to take a pregnancy test

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You can take a pregnancy test any time you like. Birth control does not affect the accuracy of a pregnancy test.

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A pregnancy test only takes a few minutes to do.

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You can take a pregnancy test 14 days after sex.

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You can, there's nothing about spotting that would effect the outcome of the pregnancy test or stop you from being able to take a pregnancy test. You can use a pregnancy test from two weeks after sex.

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