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Q: How do you take apart a jl amp?
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What is the best amp to run 2 jl audio 10w3v3 a mono amp or a 2 channel amp?

jl audio 500/1

Best amp for a ported JL 13w7?

2x JL 1000/1 V1 or V2

Where can one buy a JL audio amp?

One can buy a JL Audio amp from several different locations. The first place to look would be JL Audio's official website. Other sources of JL Audio amps include eBay, Amazon and Sonic Electronix.

Should you have an amp with these speakers JL Audio C2-525x or will your HU power them properly?

If its a good after market headunit it should be ok, but an amp will always be the best idea.

Will you be electrocuted if you take apart your bass amp?

Absolutely! You can die from the energy stored an ANY amp. Remember that. There are many sites that can help you drain the energy away.

What is the best combo for subs and a amp?

the best combo for subs and amps would have to be P.G. amps and jl audio subs Flipy Floppy

How good is Memphis car audio?

I have a set of 12 pr series subs. They sound great and in a small seaed box. I tried a set of jl w0 which were comparable. The jl audio subs literally fell apart.

Can a 600 watt amp push 3 10 inch subs with 300 watts peak power and 150 rms?

my 400 watt amp pounds my 3 jl 10's not to potentual but not bad

How do you fix a guitar amplifier input which has dropped inside the amp?

It is safest to bring it into a repair shop, but you could take apart the amp's front panel and see if you can't re-attach the input.

What are the 8 geographic regions of Washington?


When was JL Audio created?

JL Audio was created in 1975.

How tall is JL Myers?

JL Myers is 5' 8".

What amp I need for jl audio w6 12''?

You need to run at least 500 watts from a real amp to push the speakers to potential without overheating. I am running a 1x1000watt monoblock kicker amp at both of them and it is all I ever wanted and it will handicap anybody within 100ft of the car.

What words start with jl?

There are no words in the English language that begin with the letters jl.

What episode does batman quit justice league?

In the JL movie JL DOOM

When was JL Studios Recording created?

JL Studios Recording was created in 1989.

These have been refurbished and tested by JL Audio directly with factory specifications. 100% JL Audio parts?

These have been refurbished and tested by JL Audio directly with factory specifications. 100% JL Audio parts

Can i am looking at buying a jl audio a4300 amp i only have 2 subs to run it on so can you run a 4 channel amp like this one as a 2 channel amp and still get the max rms?

It depends on the impedance of the speaker. You can bridge channels 1 & 2 for one speaker and bridge 3 & 4 for the other speaker. Do not use splitters on the inputs, just find the female RCA input labeled "mono". If I were you, I would just buy a used JL 500.1 and call it a day. You can get a used one for +/- $225.

When was Take You Apart created?

Take You Apart was created in 2003.

What pool is better to have saltopinion water or chlorine?

jl;jmdnfniron,mghdmtlntjfj jl;jmdnfniron,mghdmtlntjfj

Who invented JL Audio?

JL Audio was founded in 1975 by James Birch and Lucio Proni

How do you change hilux surf 80 amp fuse?

look in your fuse bos under the hood and you have to take the bos apart so you can get to the little bolts that hold the fuse in

Who is JL Kraft?

a guy

What is the oldest robot?


How do you take apart a Lincoln Continental?

What are you wanting to take apart on your Continental?

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