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How do you take apart passenger door Ford E150 Conversion Van Have fabric off can't get to door handle to fix Won't open from outside?

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2008-03-09 21:44:50

My cable had a little too much slack in it so I crimped a lead

split-shot (used for fishing) over the cable just above the factory

cable end. It took up the slack and has worked trouble-free for

over four months now. == == Had had this problem repeatedly. What

happens id the latchpawl usesa screw that works loose which then

lets the pawl skip over the release this is easy to tell as there

will be no resistance and a clunk heard whenever you try to open

the door. You have to drill a hole into the side of the door in tha

jam area to reach(5/16") to allow a screwdriver access to tighten.

It's the pits to put together if it has fallen out.

first you have to pop off the cover lumps that cover the screws

and remove the fabric/wood door panel and there might be a clip

that is broken on the door rod that connects to the outside door


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