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first you have to take the windshield out.Then you take the 6 screws out of the top ,then you loosen 2 side bolts under the dash by each kick panel.Then you tip it back toward you and unhook all your heater cables and wiring plugs by the kick panel on drivers side.Unhook speedometer cable.Then unhook door light switches on both side and it should lift out.

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What is the lug pattern for a 1969 dodge dart?

The lug pattern for 69 Dart is 5x4" original.

Is the glass the same from 67 to 69 for the dodge dart?


Will dash pad from 1968 Barracuda car fit 1969 Barracuda car?

Yes, 1967, 1968 and 1969 barracudas have the same dashpad, algo you could get a 1968-1969 dart GTS (only GTS) and also fit your application. Reference: Me (1969 barracuda owner) No a 1968 barracuda/dart dash pad is different then a 67 or 69.

How many parts are there in an M4 when you take it apart for cleaning?

There are about 69 in the a1 and about 76 in the a2 and a3 models.

Weight of 1969 dodge dart swinger 273 cid?

first off the 69 dart had a 318 v8 and it weighed in around 3,200 lbs.

What was a popular year for the dodge dart?

the dart was pretty popular from 64 through 74, I would say the 68-69-70 were the most popular.

How do you take apart and clean a smith and Wesson semi automatic hand gun model 69?

S&W never made a Model 69 semi-auto pistol

How much is a 69 dodge dart worth?

go to and look up the price.

Would parts off a 74 dodge dart interchange with a 69 dart. . . wiring underdash and hood?

I doubt very much that the wiring would interchange.

Will Plymouth fury seats 4 door fit a 69 dodge dart?

No, there too big.

Will front fenders from a 67 dart fit a 69 dart or vis versa?

Yes, they fit, but you will have to use the respective year grilles as the head light positions are different, with the 69 headlights higher and further towards the grille center than the 67/68 fenders.

What are the colors of a 1969 dodge dart swinger?

go to NAPA auto parts and they will have color charts for the 69 darts.

Did the 1969 Dodge Dart Swinger have a spoiler on the back And what type?

no, the 69's didn't have spoilers, that started on 1970 darts.

Will a 1967-69 dart fender fit a 1968 valiant?

With different fender contours it would not be an exact fit

How fast is Hines Wards 40 yard dash?

69 miles per hour

1969 dart front end alinement specs?

you will have to get a chiltons manual for 69 dodges from the library and look it up to find out the answer to your question.

Will 1967 dodge dart fenders fit a 1969?

No. A 1967 fender will only fit a 67-68. The fender used on a 69 dart was used until 74. I have a 68 so I know that its hard to find front fenders because they where only on the dart for 2 years. wrong answer- 67-69 front fenders are the same w/ 1 minor change to make- 67 no park light 68 round park light 69 retangle reflecters in 1970 the fenders were shortened for a header paneel the grill fit into

What year did the pearl harbor take place?

69... 1969...69

Fuse box in a 69 dodge charger?

look under the dash underneath the glove box.

Did thy put a slant 6 in a 1969 dodge dart gt?

yes I believe you could order the slant six in the GT in 69.

How many miles is there between two parallels 1 degree apart?

this is from an earth science lab and i know the answer to this question it is 69 miles apart

Could the exterior color of my 1969 dodge dart be sunfire yellow?

In 69 it was called Bahama yellow- check vin no for orig paint code.

Will a dash from a 69 El Camino fit a 68 El Camino?

Yes should fit but would be wrong as the 68 had square holes in the dash for gauges and the 69 had round also radio would be a little different. Also possibility that the vents would not line up correctly

What is the best route to Indianapolis from Detroit?

Take I-94 WEST to I-69 to FT. WAYNE and LANSING at EXIT 108. You want I-69 SOUTH to FT. WAYNE.Take I-69 SOUTH to Indianapolis.

What is the distance from Muncie IN to Angola IN?

115 miles taking this route:Take IN-332 WEST to I-69 NORTH.Take I-69 NORTH to Angola.

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