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remove the glove box to start with because it hides a couple of the bolts you need to remove, then unbolt the entire lower dash assembly and remove it(both driver and passenger side).

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Q: How do you take apart the dashboard to get at the speakers on a 1987 Toyota Camry?
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What broke when my 1987 Toyota Camry had no oil in it?

There is no way to know without tearing the engine apart.

What is the maximum mounting depth for mk1 punto dashboard speakers?

1.6 miles or 4.7 killometers apart for deeper bass

How do you replace the dashboard speakers in a 1991 cutlass supreme?

Answer If I'm not mistaking the dash board speakers on your car are under the dash, close to the windshield. I think you would have to remove the entire dash to be able to get at them so do yourself a favor, put good speakers in when you install them, as taking the dash apart is one heck of a job.

How do you retrieve a coin that has fallen into the air vent on the top of the dashboard of a 2002 Camry?

It's a hard one. Coin a not ferromagnetic, thus you cannot "fish" it out. Your best bet is to try locating where the coin is and take apart that part of the vent system.

What could cause wet floors in a 1997 Toyota Camry?

I have a 92 Toyota Camry that had the same problem. The result for my problem was my sunroof. It was not closing all the way like it was supposed to thus resulting in the water entering through the gaps between the rubber gaskets and causing my floor to get wet. If you have a sunroof, you should check it and take it apart and putting it back on making sure everything is tight and secured.

How do you rewind cables on wheel to drivers window of 1995 Toyota Camry Coupe?

Forget about it, it came apart because something broke. Buy a replacement assembly from your local auto parts store from Dorman products.

How do you take apart a 96 cavalier dashboard?

The 1999 Chevrolet Cavalier dashboard is held on with retaining clips. There are 12 retaining clips. Pry up on each retaining clip to remove the dashboard.

98 Camry ignition removal?

The process of removing a 1998 Toyota Camry ignition switch requires taking apart the steering column and lower dash, as well as several of the under-dash relays. The ignition switch is connected to the key cylinder and cabin wire harness. A faulty ignition switch will prevent the car from starting.

How do you you change speakers on 2001 Mazda Protege?

For the front speakers, take apart the door, disconnect the speaker wires and unscrew support screws.

How do you remove dash panel from 1995 Yukon?

How can I take apart the dashboard of a 1995 gmc Yukon

Where are dashboard lights in BMW 325i?

Inside the instrument cluster. To replace them remove the cluster and take it apart.

How do you dashboard apart on 2005 impala?

Why are you trying to take the dash apart? If you are looking for the cabin filter it is accessed under the hood, passenger side, under the plastic, near the windshield.

How do you take a 2006 f150 dash apart?

In order to take the dashboard apart on a 2006 F150 you will have to remove between the six clips that are holding it in place. Open the ashtray and begin to gently pull the dashboard away, remove the clips as it begins to come off. You should not have to pull hard or force it.

How do you take apart 2002 grand prix dashboard?

A 2002 Grand Prix dashboard is held on by several mounting screws and clips. Find all the screws and remove them. Take the dash and pull it back.

How do you take apart the dash in olds toronado?

Depending on the year of your Oldsmobile Toronado, the dashboard is held in place by 12 to 15 retaining clips. Remove the retaining clips by prying outward. The dashboard will come off.

How do you fix rear speaker covers on 2004 Toyota Camry?

Toyota dealers will want $100 to $400 to fix these defective speaker covers there is no recall i checked. Its a $30 part per set. Rip the cover off (it will fall apart in your hand) bore out the holes put some kind of glue on the pegs on the new covers put pegs in holes and they should last until you trade it in./*

Where is the heater core on a 1994 Chevrolet Camero?

camaro* and its under the passenger side dashboard. you have to take the entire dash apart to get to it

What size speakers come with the 2005 Ford Explorer?

i wanna say there are four 4" x 6" speakers , 1 in each door I just measured the front door speakers, they are 8" X 5 3/4" the 8" section is curved, although it was measures across The mounting screws are 4 1/4 apart and 4 3/4 apart.

Will there be a new Toyota RAV4 soon?

The Toyota RAV4 received slight changes for the 2009 model year. Apart from that, a new RAV4 is not in sight, yet.

How do you take apart the dashboard on a 1999 Mitsubishi galant?

If youre referring to the dashboard cluster, theres two screws in the top of the cowl housing on top, remove the bezel and remove the 4 screws holding in the instrument cluster.

What are the size of the speakers in a 97 eclipse?

I Have a 1997 Eclipse GS. There are two small speakers on the front dash near the windsheild. These speakers are 4 inches. The ones in the door are 5 1/4 because I actually took it apart and measured the speakers. The ones in the back or side panel are 6 1/2.

How do you take the dash apart in a 1989 Camry Sedan in order to replace stoplight switch?

do not take dash apart follow brake pedal upward and look for a switch that opens when pedal is depressed that is the sls.

1998 Toyota Camry how to change fob battery?

I assume you mean the remote control for the door. You have to use something with an edge[not sharp] to pry the halves apart. Watch out what you pay for a replacement battery. Radio Shack wanted twice as much for the same battery that I found at our local True Value store.

How do you change the front speakers on a 93 Wrangler Sahara?

You can take the dash apart and slide them on the bolts, or with the dash still intact remove the nuts securing the speakers to the bolts and slide them off from behind. A little aggravating but absolutely better than taking the whole dash/windshield/rollbar apart.

How do you take apart your dashboard on your 1995 Toyota corolla so you can change the non-stock CD player?

You will need to unscrew the screws holding your dash in, then you just pull it off and take off the mounting kit, (this SHOULD be screwed in also), then you pull out your CD player and unhook the harness. And that should do it.-Shocker