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There is rarely any reason to do that since the assembly can be easily cleaned while assembled. ********** UNLOAD THE GUN. CHECK THE CHAMBER. UNLOAD AND CHECK IT AGAIN. *********** To remove the trigger guard assembly from the receiver, you must first remove the buttstock. Then, remove the large cross screw at the lower rear of the receiver. Put the safety in 'fire' and pull the trigger to release the hammer. IF YOU FAILED TO UNLOAD THE GUN AND CHECK THE CHAMBER, YOU WILL NOW HAVE A HOLE IN WHATEVER THE GUN WAS POINTED AT. The trigger guard can now be moved to the rear and then downward and out. The right shell stop will also be released and will probably fall out. Are you sure you want to disassemble the trigger guard? OK.... Use a tool to depress the hammer spring from the rear of the housing to take pressure off of the retaining pin. The retaining pin is pushed out to the right. Once you do that, if you do not control the hammer spring the hammer spring, cap and follower will fly across the room. Now, push out the hammer cross pin to the left and lift the hammer free. Do not remove the hammer strut, it's pin is staked in place. Push the trigger pin ONLY HALFWAY out to the left. Remove the slide latch upward and rearward, then remove the slide latch spring from the recess in the right side of the trigger housing. You can now push the trigger pin the rest of the way out and remove the trigger upward. Dont lose the small coil spring under the trigger. Push the safety button out toward the right, and watch for the safety plunger and its spring to be released. Very small parts. That's it.

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Q: How do you take apart the trigger assembly on an Ithaca Model 37 shotgun?
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