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How do you take care of a little sister that is misable?


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You can take care of a miserable child by talking to her/him, love your child and live as one big happy family.


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yes, it will show your sister how to take care of a infant and it will help you gain a quality relationship with her

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Remember, you were once little and probably got on other people's nerves as well. You are the mentor for your little sister and with a little love and caring take some quality time out to spend with your little sister. Read her a story; if she is old enough and you are too then take her to a children's movie.

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she helps mother in household chores,and somertimes she helps mother to take care of her younger sister.

legally, i think so, but it depends on how mature they are

There is no set age for a child to care for a younger brother or sister. it all depends on the emotional maturity of the child. Generally a twelve year would be able to care for a younger brother or sister.

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Because he has to be there for his dad and his little sister, also dill. he has to show that he can be a man and take care of his family when they need him most.

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The way I used to make my little sister happy (she is now 6) is I would ask her if she wants to play a game and let her choose. Then play the game with her. The way i make my little sister happy is i take her to the movies

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