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How do you take care of a pug?



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Pugs havespecial needs, like : 1, Pugs need baths once or twice a week. (More if they get really dirty.) Because some (most) pugs get (or are born with) itchy, dry skin. I suggest a oatmeal or all natural soap. (If he or she seems to be itchy no madder how many baths you give them, it might be fleas. We will talk about that later.) 2, You need to take a most or dry, soft cloth and wipe out the wrinkles on there face. If you did wet your cloth, then you can take the dry end of the cloth and wipe again. It is VERY important to do this! If you don't, dirt and other nasty stuff will build up in there! Ew!! 3, One important thing to remember is : PUGS ARE INSIDE DOGS!!!! You of course can take them outside to walk them or take them to the park. But if you walk them to hard in the heat, bad things can happen. They will start to breath hard and if you don't let him or her stop in the shade for a drink... They can actually get very ill and sometimes die. (The "die" part only happens when you work the REALLY REALLY HARD...but... it's MUCH better to be safe than sorry!!!!) And in the winter, if you leave them outside in really cold whether, they can catch a cold or get very bad dry, itchy skin. 4, And of course, as you should with ALL dogs, give your pug the right shots and vitamins when needed in there lifetime. It's also good to watch there wight. Pugs should be between 10-20 pounds though out there lifetime. (If your pug is over wight, it's OK. A lot of pugs are! just put your dog on a diet!!) 5, This is one of the most important things of all : LOVE YOUR PUG!!!!!!!!!!!! Play with him or her every chance you get!!! The more you love your pug, the happier and healthier your pug will be!!!!! Oh, and if you think he/she has fleas... : Give them a bath. After the bath, give them the flea medicine stuff that goes on the back of there neck. If you have carpet, vacuum. (If it's really bad, buy the flea egg killer stuff.) If they have a dog bed, wash the outer cover.