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Pugs havespecial needs, like : 1, Pugs need baths once or twice a week. (More if they get really dirty.) Because some (most) pugs get (or are born with) itchy, dry skin. I suggest a oatmeal or all natural soap. (If he or she seems to be itchy no madder how many baths you give them, it might be fleas. We will talk about that later.) 2, You need to take a most or dry, soft cloth and wipe out the wrinkles on there face. If you did wet your cloth, then you can take the dry end of the cloth and wipe again. It is VERY important to do this! If you don't, dirt and other nasty stuff will build up in there! Ew!! 3, One important thing to remember is : PUGS ARE INSIDE DOGS!!!! You of course can take them outside to walk them or take them to the park. But if you walk them to hard in the heat, bad things can happen. They will start to breath hard and if you don't let him or her stop in the shade for a drink... They can actually get very ill and sometimes die. (The "die" part only happens when you work the REALLY REALLY HARD...but... it's MUCH better to be safe than sorry!!!!) And in the winter, if you leave them outside in really cold whether, they can catch a cold or get very bad dry, itchy skin. 4, And of course, as you should with ALL dogs, give your pug the right shots and vitamins when needed in there lifetime. It's also good to watch there wight. Pugs should be between 10-20 pounds though out there lifetime. (If your pug is over wight, it's OK. A lot of pugs are! just put your dog on a diet!!) 5, This is one of the most important things of all : LOVE YOUR PUG!!!!!!!!!!!! Play with him or her every chance you get!!! The more you love your pug, the happier and healthier your pug will be!!!!! Oh, and if you think he/she has fleas... : Give them a bath. After the bath, give them the flea medicine stuff that goes on the back of there neck. If you have carpet, vacuum. (If it's really bad, buy the flea egg killer stuff.) If they have a dog bed, wash the outer cover.

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Can kids take care of a pug?


Is a pug a girls dog?

A pug can be for a girl or a boy as long as they are nice to it and take care of it! They make great pets!

When do you unlock pugs on Nintendogs?

In order to get a pug in any of the games you have to take very good care of your aniamals and have to get a certin amount of points so good luck

A list how to take care of pug puppies?

1. keep them warm, have blankets pillows everything 2. Have them be with their mom until 2 months old 3. if no mom, see doctor for proper feeding techniques 4. play with them, take them outside let them run around 5. give them love, hold them, squeese them, kiss them 6. if u cant take care of them contact someone 7. IF YOU HAVE PUG PUPPIES YOU SHOULD ALREADY OF KNOW THIS!

What is a good house dog?

a pug a pug a pug a pug

Where can you find free vet care in the LA area for your pug who has a lump on her neck?

you should really get that checked and i don't live in la but take her to the nearest 24/7 urgent care vet place as soon as possible

Is it Pug-Zu or just Pug?

it is pug.

How can get a pug fat?

Just like people do, by overeating and not exercising enough. Take your Pug on daily 30 minute walks and cut back on its food.

Is your dog a bulldog or pug?

I wrilly want a pug

What is the best pug blog?

The best pug blog is located at . I found it, and it answered all of my questions... like, what's their health like? Are they good with children? How are they for families? Are they well behaved? How do you take care of it? Not only did it help me figure weather or not a pug would be a good pet for me, (and it would be!), but I found facts about pugs that kinda wierd me out... lol. Not to mention, the history of pugs, like they've been around since, like, 400b.c.! Cool... Anyway, I say the best pug blog is! :)

How do you say pug in Japanese?


How do you get a pug to do pug bowling?

you dont

What movie and television projects has Pug Podger been in?

Pug Podger has: Played Pug in "The Big Show" in 1929. Played Pug in "House Warmers" in 1929. Played Pug in "Jackie and the Beanstalk" in 1929. Played Pug in "Kollege Kapers" in 1929. Played Pug in "A Runaway Holiday" in 1929.

How can I cure reoccurring bladder infections in my spayed female pug?

Take her to a Vet.

What can i do my baby pug puppy has welts all over?

Take your dog to a vet!

If your pug has all shot and is foaming what to do?

You should take it to the vet right away.

How do you make chugs puppy?

You take a chihuahua and a pug dog and mix breed them

Why does my 13 week old puppy cough?

You should take your pug to the veternarian.

How much do pugs shed?

Depends.All pugs shed but some more than others.If you don't care if your pug sheds lots or not then get any pug.But if you want a pug that dose not shed as much then go to an expert on animals.

What animal is a pug?

A pug is a small dog.

A kind of pig?

a hog

What is the diffents betweena normal pug and a Chinese pug?

And averige pug face is less smust

What happens if a pug eats plastic?

it will choke if i had a pug i will watch the pug if it eats plastic(incase)

What do you get when you mix a bull dog a pug?

a bull pug

Is a pug in the pig family?

A pug is a dog, not a pig.