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U need to water them everyday and give them the right amount of feed. On the feed bag it will tell u. Keep there hoves cliped (ask someone who knows how to do it).keep there pins clean.and every spring shear your sheep and later if grows back quikly

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How do sheep care their babes?

Sheep take care for their babes just like your mom and dad take care of you.

What do shepherdess do?

They take care of sheep

Who take care of sheep?

A Shepherd.

What is the work of shepherd?

To take care of sheep, and shear the sheep. Also, to herd sheep. Therefore they are a Sheep herd, or Shepherd.

What does a medieval shepherd do?

Take care, watch, and herd sheep.

How do the bighorn sheep take care of its young?

you will never find the answer

What are the requirements of a shepherd according to the Bible?

To watch their sheep and take care of them

How do shepherds take care of sheep?

they do everything they do like you do with your dog or cat

Do shepherds take care of squirrels?

No usually flock of sheep, where term came from

How do you take care of baby sheep win it is gust born?

Most of the time there is no need to do anything the "mom" sheep will take care of everything but when there are multiples the "mom" cant keep track of all of them and you might need to bottle feed it

What do you call a person who takes care of sheep?

A person who minds sheep is called a shepherd - which comes from sheep herder.A person who takes care of sheep - is a shepherd.

What was Prophet Muhammads first job?

he used to care the herd. To the best of my knowledge, the prophet's first job was as a shepherd who looked after the sheep He said " every prophet worked as a shepherd......". This is because taking care of the sheep develops the ability to take care of the humans afterwards. Regards

What do farmers do to take care of sheep?

Farmers do many things to take care of sheep. A few of these include feeding them, shearing them when their coats become too long, putting them out in fields and bringing them back in again, and other more average things like making sure they're healthy?

What do sheephers do?

Sheepherders have a hard job. They take care of sheep all day and night long. They make sure their are no preditors around the sheep and they help give birth with the ewe.

Does Abraham care for sheep?


How do you solve wolf sheep and cabbage?

First you take the sheep acrossthen you go back and get the cabbagethen you take the sheep back and take the wolf acrossthen you take the sheep across and you will winIT WILL WORK:)

What type of animals do large animal vet take care of?

Large animal veterinarians primarily care for livestock: cattle, sheep, goats and pigs in the United States.

What is a sheppard?

Someone who takes care of sheep.

What do you called a woman who care for sheep?


How do you care for a baby sheep?

Care of Lambs

A farmer has a wolf a sheep and a bale of hay The farmer needs to get all three across the river What order does he take them in?

Take the sheep across take the wolf across take the sheep back to the other side take the hay across go back and get the sheep

There is a fox a sheep and a cabbage In what order should I take the items across so they don't get eaten eg the fox can eat the sheep and the sheep can eat the cabbage?

what you do is take the sheep over to the other side then you take the wolf to the other side bring the sheep back to the opposite side then take the cabbage over to the side after returning the sheep then once the cabbage and the wolf are on the opposite side of the island take the sheep then u win!

What do sheep need to survive?

They need a sheep dog, food, health care, water, and a clean enviroment.

How do you take care of a crippled sheep?

Show them lot's of love and visit them on a regular basis. Also cleaning up after them is vital to their healing process.

Why prohibit goats and sheep in rain?

because if they are on wet ground for too long they will get foot rot which hurts their feet and is not fun to take care of