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You don't the mother will do all the work (unless you mean like if the mother died) To clean the cage of a mother and new babies take the mother out 1st and put her in whatever you normally do to clean out the cage, then take a paper towel and gently pick up each baby with it (as to avoid getting your scent on them) and place them in a small box or container of some sort, then clean out the cage and put the babies back 1st (with the paper towel or just slide them out of the container then put momma back. Chances are she'll carry one all over the cage and finally place it somewhere and bring the rest.

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Q: How do you take care of dwarf hamster babies that are less than a week old?
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Why does a mother hamster care less for her babies after she has seen her husband hamster?

The mother hamster does not care as much because she is stressed and worries about her care more.

How many babies do dwarf hamsters have at one time?

in-between 1-21, sometimes it depends on the age, if its a younger dwarf hamster then she will most likely have more around 20-ish, the older dwarf hamster, the less babies it will have!

How much is a dwarf hamster?

20 dollars or less

How long is the dwarf hamster pregnant?

Less than a month. About 3 weeks.

Which one is better Syrian hamster or dwarf hamster?

depends dwarf hamsters are less smaller(about the size of your palm) it all depends on which one you want syrian are slightly bigger

How long will it take for a hamster to have its babies?

A little less than a month.

What is the difference between a dwarf hamster and a regular hamster?

the difference between a dwrf hamster and a regular hamster is the dwarf hamster will stay the same size wbut the regular hamster will keep gtrowing---- Well normally a dwarf is a lot smaller and a lot less sturdier. A dwarf is good for a fourteen year old and a reg. one is good for a nine year old. They both make awesome pets! You can be happy with either one.

Should you get a dwarf hamster or Syrian hamster?

definitley syrian. they live longer and are waaay less wild then dwarf hamsters. the dwarfs we used to have batted bit and were wild. the syrians and teddy bear hamsters we had were calm and easy to take care of. First time owner: don't hold your hamster for the first couple of days or they may get wet tail :)

If your hamster built a huge nest is she most likey pregnant?

if you have a hamster and its pregnant it will make a nest.if a hamster has 12 babies it will die if less its ok.

What are the symptoms of a dwarf hamster aging?

-sleeping in the morning AND at night -hair loss -slow walking -less energy

What is nicest hamster breed?

Syrian hamsters are easily tamed and less inclined to bite than dwarf varieties.

Can a fancy russian hamster breed with a white dwarf?

NO! IT CANT! Fancy russian dwarf hamsters are DEADLY. It will kill it in less than a second! I have one and it killed its MOTHER!!

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