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How do you take care of quails?

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quails are very easy to look after,they are not fussy eaters as you can have them in a bottem of an avairy and they will eat the seed droped by the other birds,as they are ground birds.Quails like dust or sand baths and spend alot of time playing.There diet is very simple they need water seed and fresh fruit daily.They bond with families well. If you are thinking of getting a smaller quails keep the water dish shallow.Female Quials do lay eggs ramdomly(like chickens but any where)if thinking of breeding you will need to take out the eggs and put them in a incubator.(for more info visit a breeder).

for more information ask the person/petshop who you are buying them from.

hope this helped


well i got 4 quails 3 females and 1 male what does it mean when the have sort of bold heads they are really fussy eaters and really tame drink alot and lay alot of eggs and are starting to breed
2011-11-05 22:49:53
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How do moms take care of baby quails?

moms take care of baby quails because a mom knows some moms probabled learned from its mother

How do porcupines take care of their babies?

they hold on to the quails and fallow there mothers around

Where can you find Quail Birds?

Well, most quails are found on the pacific coast, but since I live in California, I mostly see California valley quails. Speaking of which, i wonder how the baby birds my friend found are doing... you'll see what I'm talking about in the "how do you take care of abandoned quails" question.

What can quails do?

quails are very peaceful quails and they don't take alot to look after. quails can fly, but mine prefer to jump instead. quails lay a range of different colured, size eggs. this depends on the type of quail you have for example, coturnix ( japaniese) , jumbo and chinese quails. quails can also be hunting birds/ game birds in the wild. i hope this helps you.

Are quails meat eaters?

Quails eat seeds and bugs, so technically they are omnivores. Quails are seed eaters but they will also take insects and other small prey

What are Quails called in a groups?

A group of quails is called a covey of quails.

Do people hunt quails?

Yes, sadly :('s actually a sport that many [sick] people take part in wherever quails are found.

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Quails are native to forida

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Quails can't swim.

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Male quails are called roosters

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quails sleep in small woden boxes

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Male Quails... haha lolz

Can you raise quails in lake elsinnore?

No, quails are not strong swimmers.

Are California quails omnivores?

Yes, California Quails are omnivores.

Do quails live in Wisconsin?

Yes, there are quails that live in Wisconsin. Quails can be found in almost every state in the United States.

Do quails live in South America?

Quails do live in South America.

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How many quails can you keep togher

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Young quails are called cheepers or chicks.

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No, wild rabbits and quails do not get along.

Do quails live in Africa?

Quails do indeed live in certain regions of Africa. Quails are considered a delicacy in some regions of Africa as locals enjoy their meat.