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First off let me say that I am not versed in the appropriate names of each part, but I can take one down and reassemble it. Of course make sure the gun is unloaded. Remove the mag and push back the slide until the half-moon opening on the left side of the gun lines up with half-moon part on the slide stop. Pull the stop out. NOTE: make sure the saftey is on so you do not accidentally slam the hammer down without the slide on (very bad). The slide will slide off the gun frame if pushed forward. Remove the spring out from the spring plug (carefully so it does not fling off somewhere). Your can now slide the barrel FORWARD (I know you tried to pull it out the back and it won't go). This is because it is held in place by the barrel bushing (a clip-like metal piece on the front of the barrel on the outside of the slide). After you have pushed the barrel forward all the way, you can turn this metal clip 1/4 way or so, and it will slip off the barrel. NOW you can pull the barrel out the back as you as no doubt first tried. There is a spring plug that will now also be able to be removed out the front of the slide (carefull not to lose it - as soon as the barrel bushing (the metal clip) is off the barrel, this can fall out. So there you have it. Reasemble by doing the reverse. Oh yes, there will be an L shaped little prong on the left side rear of the frame of the gun that will stop you from moving the slide all the way back so you can reinsert the slide stop. Push that little thang down so you can clear the slide back. Good luck. I, of course take no responsibility for any circumstance that should arrise from you dittling around with your firearm with or without my instructions.

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Q: How do you take down and clean a Colt MK IV series 80 380 government model pistol?
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Go to web site listed below and scroll down to Colt MKIV Series 80 & 90 It will provide you with the manual in pdf form.

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