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How do you take down the top on a 96 Geo Tracker?

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July 20, 2005 6:09AM

Contrary to popular belief there is a set way that you take the top down and put the top back on. I usually start with unzipping the back window and taking it out then I undo the two snaps on the inside center ceiling (by the dome light), then unsnap the snaps at the top of the rear window on the cross bar, then undo the clips by the side windows in the back. Lastly I undo the clips (squeeze the side buttons together and pull back) at the very front by the visor opening the top so you can undo the snaps (or hooks in older models) and then peel it off going from the front and working my way to the back. I've done it like this for awhile and it's been the least hassle for me. Now I already know your next question: How do I put it back on? I first start by securing the two rear clips at the base of the top by the back door. It is vital you do this or else it will sound like a wind tunnel. Then I fasten the snaps (or hooks in older models) in the very front and put the top down and clip it shut (remember clips by the visor?) Remember the clip has to go over the little hook do-dad-thingy-ma-jigger before you can snap it back in place. If you catch some resistance you know you've done it right. (You wouldn't believe how complicated this process of the front overhead clips is for some people). Then I fasten the snaps at the rear ceiling to the cross bar. Then I go secure the clips at the side windows and then finish by fastening the ones in the inside center ceiling.