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How do you take off 1996 Monte Carlo alternator?

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I have taken the alternator out of a 96 montecarlo with the 3.4 motor successfuly without dropping the engine cradle,disconnecting the steering gear or moving the exhaust like described by many. undo the baterry. unbolt the lug nuts and the axle nut with a 36mm axle socket and breaker bar.remove the splash guard and plastic inner fenderwell.remove the brake caliper and mounting bracket.hang caliper out of the way without stressing the rubber brake line.most likely need to torch out the bolts with a breaker bar for the caliper mounting braket.torch the metal around the bolt as the heat will make the metal expand helping to loosten the bolts.remove the brake rotor. unbolt the four mounting bolts for the wheel/hub assembly from the rear pocket of the steering knuckle. make sure your ratchet does not sit at an angle when removing the bottom two bolts as this will snap the heads off.disconnect the two plugs from the wheel speed sensor. the sensor is pinned in to the back of the steering knuckle and wheel hub assembly, pinning the knuckle in between the sensor and the wheel hub.once the wheel hub bolts have been removed pry the assembly loose from the knuckle working carefully to pry the hub from the sensor pins.unbolt the sway bar end fom the control arm. loosten the control arm bolts. remove the cotter pins and castle nuts off the ball joints and tie rod ends. place a ball joint/tie rod remover(pickle fork)in between the tie rod/balljoint and the control arm.hammer the fork until they break free and the control arm drops. use a two or three jaw puller to separate the wheel hub assembly from the axle halfshaft. the steering knuckle and shock tower are one unit and can be removed by posistioning a jack or support under it to support the unit as it will drop out after unbolting the assembly from the three bolts located under the hood take note of posistion of the strut tower and cover. drop the tower assembly down from the car and remove the shield from the trans that sits above the axle. use a slide hammer and adapter to remove the axle from the trans by fist putting the adapter behind the axle in between the trans and then screwing in the hammer and hamerin out the axle. release the tension on the belt using a serpentine belt tool and remove the belt. undo the top mounting bolt for the alternator using the serpentine tool to break the top bolt loose continue removing from the underside.undo the bottom pivot bolt,pull bolt out to fender and slide the alternator to the left as there is a slot cut in the mounting braket to allow the bolt to be removed. be carefull not to loose the spacer and take note of its location prior to removal.lower the alternator carefully supporting it as you unplug and unbolt the connections.maneuver alternator out as well as the cooling duct attached to it. if there is no cooling duct this could be the problem because of the location of the alternator its is imparitive that it is cooled down and not overheated by the trans or engine

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How much time does it take to remove and install a fuel pump on a 1996 Monte Carlo?

The fuel pump usually take about an hour and a half if you have the right tools.

How do you take the oil pump out of a 1996 Monte Carlo?

the oil pan has to come off the engine and then you will see the oil pump and the bolts that hold it in.

How do you reset Service Engine Soon light Monte Carlo 1996?

Take it to a mechanic, and have them erase the codes. Auto zone and advance will not do it as they are not mechanics

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Can you take a catalytic converter off a 1985 monte carlo?

Not legally.

Can you take the catalytic converter off a 1985 Monte Carlo?

Not legally.

How do you take the dash board off a 1987 Monte Carlo ss?

take off the bolts

Will the security on a 1996 Chevrolet Monte Carlo keep it from starting for a while?

Yes it will keep it from starting. Take it to a repair shop to have it repaired. There may be something in the owners manual. jd

How many quarts of oil does a 1971 Monte Carlo take?

It takes 5 quarts.

What should you do if your transmission fluid is leaking out of your 95 Monte Carlo?

take it to a mechanic and get it repaired.

How do you remove dome light 79 Monte Carlo?

take the cover off and there is two screws, take them out and that's it

How do you take off a fuel pump on a 98 Monte Carlo?

Remove fuel tank for access

How do you remove the front seats in a 2002 Monte Carlo?

There are bolts that you must remove in order to take out the front seats of a 2002 Monte Carlo. There are two in the back of the seat and two in the front of the seat. If you have heated seats you will also have to remove the wires for that before you take the seat out.

How do you remove the battery from a 2001 Monte Carlo ss?

Remove the cables from the 2001 Monte Carlo, then take out the battery hold down. Lift the battery out and put the new one in. Install the hold down, then connect the cables back.

Where is the oil pump located on a 2000 Chevy Monte Carlo?

take the oil pan off and you will find it.

What kind of oil does a 2006 Monte Carlo take?

Look in your owners manual but usually 5w-30.

How do you repair rear alignment on a 1999 Monte Carlo Z34?

Take it to an alignment specialist to get it set right.

Were do you add oil in the 1984 Monte Carlo?

look for a oil cap that you take off on the valve cover.

How do you Change alternator on 1996 Rav 4?

take to the dealer

How do you change starter on a 1995 Monte Carlo with a 3.1 l?

To change starter on a 1995 3.1 liters Monte Carlo, first disconnect battery. Then remove wiring on the starter, from battery to the key switch. Finally, take the starter off and replace.ÊÊ

How do you take off the instrument panel or dashboard for a 97 Monte Carlo?

Hold firmly and pull. It has slide clips.