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Since I don't know which engine you have I will list them all. I know some of these are for other vehicles in the manual but you will know which one is yours.

2.2L -

1. Partially drain the engine coolant form the vehicle

2. Remove the serpentine dirve belt form the vehicle

3. Loosen and position the alternator to one side

4. Unbolt the water pump pulley, then remove the pulley

5. Unbolt the water pump, then remove the pump and gasket

6. Clean the gasket areas thoroughly

2.5L -

1. Disconnect the negative battery cable

2. Drain the cooling system

3. Remove the serpentine belt. Removal of the alternator and/or bracket may help give more room for easy access

4. Remove water pump attaching bolts and nut, then remove pump

2.8L -

1. Disconnect battery negative cable

2. Drain cooling system and remove heater hose

3. Remove the pump pulley

4. When replacing the water pump, the timing cover must be clamped to the cylinder block prior to removing the water pump bolts. Use special tool J29176 or its equivalent

5. Remove the water pump attaching bolts and nut and remove pump.

3.1 L (VIN T)

1. Disconnect the negative battery cable

2. Drain cooling system in to a drain pan

3. Remove the serpentine belt

4. Remove the heater hose and radiator hose

5. Remove the water pump cover attaching bolts and remove the cover

6. Remove the water pump attaching bolts and remove the water pump

3.1L (VIN M)

1. Partially drain the coolant from the vehicle

2. Remove the serpentine drive belt from the vehicle

3. unbolt the pulley from the pump

4. Remove the water pump mounting bolts

5. Remove the pump from the engine, then clean the gasket area

I think that more than covers the celebrity engines, but if not let me know. I have directions for a 3.0L, 3.3L, 3.8L, and 4.3L Diesel. Good luck!

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Q: How do you take off a 1989 Chevrolet celebrity water-pump?
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